CD Sirocco vs Hurricane Tracer 165

Looking at a couple of local used boats, a Current Design Sirocco($700) and a Huricane Tracer 165 ($900). The CD boat is a criagslist item and the Tracer is at a local dealer. I know I need to sit in them and I have the Tracer, and it seemed to fit pretty well. Does the p-net crew have anything to say to compare these two. Other info - mostly used on inland lakes possible Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. I’m 6’ and 210ish. I do have large thighs so “low volume” boats are pretty much out. tell me what you think.

both nice boats

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FWIW some people consider the scirocco a low-volume boat. Maybe the composite version, but while I'm smaller than you I had more than enough room.

What are materials? I like the Tracer also, and if you're comparing thermoform (Hurricane) to poly(scirocco) then I'd say get the Hurricane. If you fit in the Scirocco, you should fit in the Tracer. With the necessary skills either of these boats could be used on the Great Lakes.

If you choose the Tracer…
… make sure it has a skeg, some of the early Tracers didn’t.

The Sirocco

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The first consideration has to be the condition of the boat. The Sirocco is polyethylene and that means that it could be warped if it has been stored improperly. If however the boat is straight and in relatively good shape, Sirocco
s are a very capable boat. They are a do-it-all boat; not the fastest in their size range, but not slow either. They are very at home in rough conditions and are a snap to handle. Siroccos can easily accommodate someone your size.

If you do get the Sirocco, the first thing you're going to need to do if it has the original back band with the tiny bungees to hold it in place is to drill the holes in the coaming a little larger and replace the bungees with a 3/16" bungee. If the deck bungees are 3/16 use that and replace the deck bungees with 1/4" material.

If the plastic tape around the fake seam comes loose, just glue it back in place with silicone sealant.

All things being equal, my choice would be the Sirocco over the Hurricane.

both good designs
the Sirocco is the poly version of the Gulfstream, a Derek Hutchinson design. All things being equal, I myself would favor that.

The Tracer in ABS plastic will weigh considerably less than the Sirocco.

Given your stated size and weight (plus weight of gear), you are closer to the limit on a Tracer than you would be in a Sirocco. Note I’m not saying you are too heavy for either, just that the Sirocco gives you more margin, esp. when laden for tripping.

Weight is distributed differently in individuals so your water time will be the deciding factor. If you are top heavy (large torso) the Tracer may feel tender to you. Whether that would go away in time, or whether it’s a warning shot that you are too heavy for the kayak,can’t be determined here. When you try the Tracer ask the paddle shop staff to comment honestly about the waterline.

I own a CD seakayak. I have also owned a Hurricane kayak (not a Tracer however). Imo the CD backband and seat are superior in material & finish to the Tracer’s, however, that’s personal pref. (Seats and backbands can be switched out if you otherwise like the kayak). I also like the SeaDog footbraces on CD performance seakayaks for durability and ease of adjustment on the fly.

Tracer demo
I did a demo with a Tracer 165 last spring. I am 6’, 215 with a tall back and broad shoulders. This high center of gravity puts me at a disadvantage in most kayaks. I am only of novice ability, but I feel stable in a WS Tempest 170, and I ended up getting one. I found the Tracer to be tippy. See if the dealer will let you try it out. The Sirocco is a nice boat, and one I was considering, but the cockpit opening seemed a little small.

Tried both
The Tracer is just a bit of a tight fit for me. I found that it flexed with me and that was unacceptable. The CD design is a heavy boat, but I have used it for surfing, long distance, and a quick workout. Leave the Tracer to a smaller guy.

I am close to your size and find the Sirocco deck to be a bit low for me. They are a good, tough boat but the low deck gets really old after an hour or two on the water.

Low Deck?
The CD Sirocco is not a low volume boat and the deck is by comparison to most sea kayaks not low. I’m 6’-2" and my Sirocco is extremely easy to enter and exit with plenty of room for my legs. If the Sirocco is tight for your legs, you either have very large thighs, or your deck is squashed down.

Thracer bent hulls
I recall reading about a batch of Tracers having hulls that are not straight front to back. When I checked out a used one for sale, I looked for this - yes, it was bent! The nose was not pointing straight forward. Would it matter? Hard to tell, it seemed mostly above the waterline. Pretty easy to notice, however, on land, with the hull up just eyeballing it.

The deck was very flexible too. Again, not sure if that matters on the water, as the hull is stiffer. I never paddled one, so can’t comment how it handles other than guess from its looks and design… I am tall with big feet and the fit was nice and snug, tighter than Tempest 170 for comparison (narrower).

Siricco sold, Tracer 165 is bent
When I inquired about the Siricco it had already been sold. I did a test paddle with the Tracer 165, and it paddled fine, after word the sales person and I looked at the bow and notice it was “twisted” relative to main axis of the boat. The fit was OK, though if I would wear anything beyond shorts (like a dry suit) it might be more of a squeeze.

I noticed Pisce for sale (Ocean and River Sports/Current Design) locally, but have found very limited information on this '90s sea kayak. if you have any information or insights about this boat please let me know, thanks.