CD skeg box, isolated leak, now?

I have posted this situation before and glad to hear that others have been successful in getting remarkable customer satisfaction from Current Designs. After a somewhat lengthy delay, thought I would offer an update. Just came back from the local rep. He took out the cable, plugged the cable hole with a pencil (clever), and poured in water to the front bulkhead. Boat is rightside up. With the fin out of the box, easier to see where the water was coming in. Dripped from gasket to where the fin pivots. Also, there was a healthy leak entering from the cockpit thru the bulkhead into both aft and front compartments. Silicone seal “looked” ok, but water did a pretty good job of finding its way in. (Bought boat from Vancouver dealer, not a local dealer…hence, a little more difficult of a situation.) Rep is going to email CD. Give them a choice of having the boat returned (a truck is shortly coming to him, on which the boat can return) or letting the rep fix it for a fee. To fix gasket, he suggested putting on an extra layer of a fiberglass strip,inside the forward bulhead and opposite where the pivot is anchored. To fix bulkhead, he would put a bead on both sides of both bulkheads. Boat is relatively new…sort of…1.5 yrs…little use due to an injury on the mend. Leaked since delivery when I called CD. Seems fixable to me. But, should I consider a tougher stand on replacement? If I do have it fixed, any suggestions? Is there a special silicone sealer?…rep says CD is closing its vancouver area factory. All boats to be made in MN. Island is too costly for shipping.

Minor repair…
Would you expect GM to replace your car because of a flat tire??

What CD boat are we talking about?

I like CD boats (I own one) but the Brit boats have way better bulkheads (I own 2). Glass Brit boats have watertight, sturdy glassed in bulkheads, their plastic boats have tough welded-in plastic bulkheads.

Caribou…is the boat
I’m delighted to have it fixed. Just tapping the experience of the thread to see if what seems minor is symptomatic of something that’s going to dog me for a longer time. Glad to hear that this is something minor.

Mine too…
…is a Caribou, but not very much mileage yet and no problems, I will keep an eye out though, thanks… GH

CD builds some great boats and I agree
this is a minor repair.

I own a CD Gulfstream that has seen rough ocean and surf conditions for 5 years.

One time, I did a reverse pitchpole on a wicked shore break. After paddling for 7 more miles to our take out, I noticed water leaking out of the bottom of the boat.

I found a crack about 1 1/2 inches aft of the skeg box and running from port to starboard for about 2 1/2 inches.

The local dealer repaired it for me and told me that most boats with a break like that, would have had a problem with the stern staying on.

After the repair, all I noticed is a little extra weight from the 4 layers of glass we added, in the stern while carrying it.