CD slipstream impressions?

I’m still drawn to this boat. Last time I paddled one briefly I loved the size and fit. Never have had one out in conditions.

Can anyone else provide feedback for this boat. I look to the reviews but I want to hear the good and bad.

Also, any reason why it was pulled from the CD lineup?

Rear Cockpit
The back deck is not low enough for my liking in such a low volume boat.

The Gulf Stream seams to roll more easily.

It remains a lovely boat all the same.


Nice boat… maybe sort of replaced by the Cypress.

Seems the boats that designer royalties are paid on get dropped first when their sales slow…

that’s my impression

makes sense

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It’s been years
since I’ve paddled one, but I remember liking it. At the time, there weren’t many choices for smaller folks or those who liked a snug fit. I’d be interested in trying one again if a used one popped up nearby.

I’ve only paddled one once, on flat water, but at the time my usual boat was a CD Solstice. What impressed me the most about the Slipstream was what I called the “telepathy turning.” Particularly compared to the Solstice, all I had to do was think about turning the Slipstream and it turned. I don’t remember much else about it, other than I just loved how easy it was to turn.

my friend had one
for years, actually it was her teenage son’s, tho she also paddled it. She brought it to a New Year’s Day paddle in 2007 and I know she regrets selling it late last year.

Beautiful boat, narrow, hard chine- but not enough to tempt me away from my Fuego, which fits me even better & is lower volume w. a lower back deck - But you know this :wink:

She does post here occ & may see this, but if not, email me, I’ll get you in touch.

The smaller paddler’s version of the Gulfstream, as the name implies. I’d like to paddle one. Hope she decides to go for the one she’s considering!

My primary boat since 2001.
See my reviews posted on this site. I still love this boat, despite its flaws. Very responsive, excellent edging, rolls easily. I think a little lower in initial stability than other boats of this width. I find the back deck plenty low. The narrow bow tends to plow through waves rather than ride up, providing a rather wet ride, but that’s half the fun, right? It has a medium/soft chine, not hard. A fun boat for a smaller paddler.

yes, you are right, not a hard chine, not a soft chine either. I have trouble describing it.

it seems the Slipstream was an early try at accomodating the smaller paddler, which, at the time, was a very small niche in the market. Now that more paddlers (men and women) appreciate a smaller fit in a responsive dayboat, and more women are interested in seakayaking, several companies are investigating this market again.

I would like to paddle a Slipstream!

Yes Deborah I had one
and yes I regret selling it. I had no complaints about the boat at all except that the hatch covers were so tight I had to have a paddling partner open the day hatch when I was on the water. Unfortunately, unless some good luck finally comes my way, there won’t be a kayak in my garage this year.

Hey, while we’re on the subject of CD boats (and my apologies for hijacking this thread)but does anyone else have a problem with “Vision” as a name for a line of boats? It doesn’t say “boat” to me. Maybe some type of public works project but certainly not “boat”…

Vision would be OK…
…if it was one of those “see thru” kayaks with the clear bottom… :slight_smile:

that sucks
not your post, nor the boat, just not having a kayak this year. I’ll email you later bout other stuff :wink:

This is not tinyfrank
but his “better” half! I’ve been paddling a slipstream for a few years now. I’m very happy with it’s performance. I’ve had it out in all sorts of conditions without any issues. The kayak performs well in rough water (so long as you keep your hips loose and let the kayak do it’s thing). I rarely find the need to use the skeg to help with tracking. Rolls fine.

My only complaint is the thigh braces. I wish they were adjustable because they actually sit at my knees, which means that I have to move the foot pegs closer to me for a more snug fit when in surf or conditions where I need to hold an edge for longer than a few seconds.

Also, if you are day tripping you’ll have plenty of storage space. If you are planning multi-day trips, you’ll need to learn to pack light! The skeg box takes up a lot of space in the back hatch, so there isn’t a lot of storage space.

I really like this kayak and I don’t plan on parting with it any time soon.

Love my Slipstream!
I’ve been paddling a Slipstream for about 9 months now and I have to say I love it. When I decided to upgrade my plastic Catalina to a fiberglass I tried out as many boats as I could. Of course being a smaller framed paddler I found many boats to be too big but after trying the Slipstream for just a short paddle I knew it was the boat for me. I have had it out in fairly rough conditions and had no problems with stability (of course it was loaded with overnight gear so that would have increased it’s stability). I feel MUCH more comfortable and safe in it than I did in the Catalina.

It is fairly easy to edge as well as roll (once I found out how to :-)).

As far as room for gear, well you do have to be an efficient packer and I do end up using a deck bag. However, with that said, I have gone on 3-4 days trips carrying all gear necessary as if I had to camp on my own.

The only real mishap I have had with the boat is a fair size chip in the gel-coat (which exposed the underlying fiberglass) when it fell off a kayak cart onto a rock beach. Not sure if this would normally happen with other kayak brands. It did chip quite easily compared to what I have seen other brands of boats go through which ended in no or minimal effects on their gel-coats.

All-in-all I love my boat and highly recommend it for the smaller framed paddler.

May have been dropped due to the release of the Willow, which would also appeal to a similar body size/shape. Although not offered in PE :frowning: