CD Solstice GTS seat

How do I remove the seat from a '97 Solstice GTS? I cut the rivits that hold the seat to the seat posts but there are two points on the bottom of the seat that feel like hard rubber holding on the bottom of the kayak.

If anyone has customized the seat in a solstice, what did you do?

CD Composite seat removal
On the composite CD kayaks there is a small foam rectangle in the front of the seat that attached with a black adhesive to the kayak and the seat. Also the lowest area of the seat (butt cheek area) is attached with the same adhesive. The adhesive prevents sand from getting under the seat and then having the minor movement of the seat grind a hole in the hull.

First remove the foam rectangle at the front of the seat. I used a putty knife and rubber mallet to break the adhesive bonds on both the seat and the hull of my boat. Next use the putty knife, or a very broad blade screwdriver, to gently sever the adhesive bond between the bottom of the seat and the boat. After the seat comes out, you will notice that the some of the gel coat will lift off the hull along with the adhesive. This is only a cosmetic problem that you don’t need to repair. Next use coarse sand paper (200 or 300) to clean up the remaining adhesive residue on the hull. Now you are ready to install your new seat.

Seat removal
Thanks. Very helpful.