CD Solstice Rudder Parts needed


Anyone know where I may be able to get the plastic piece from a CD Solstice Rudder that holds the rudder assembly to the kayak? It fits over a metal dowel at the rear of the kayak and is bolted to the metal rudder. Mine snapped when we were lifting it over a fallen log - when we let go, the rudder didn’t clear. Ughhhh! My Solstice is around 12 years old.

The folks at CD are great and they have a newer version rudder assembly which I will probably buy from them. I just figured I’d try here first to see if I could keep my old rudder.



Funny I had the same problem.
The folks at CD would not return my emails or my calls so I got a part from a local kayak shop and filed it and used epoxy to make it work.

My guess is that your best bet is to make your own part.

The CD people have always been great
with me. I’d rather repair my rudder - just a small plastic piece is needed. They have a replacement that I can order for $125 which sounds very reasonable. I’ll try the local kayak shop to see if they may have the older rudder in stock. Most likely I will buy from CD. I’m surprised you had trouble with getting info from them. They have helped me numerous times over the years as well as the other kayak manufacturers. I usually try to get a manufacturing type for a contact but their sales people always are helpful.

Thanks for your input.

Just took a look at mine
I just took a look at mine to see what you were referring to. It probably wouldn’t be too tough to figure something out on your own if you needed.

A few years ago I e-mailed CD about my broken backrest, and they sent me another. Last summer the marine store didn’t have the right size webbing buckles when one broke, so I e-mailed them. A week or so later I had an envelope with a few extras. They didn’t charge me anything either time, which was more than I expected or asked for. So I’ve always been pretty impressed with both their kayaks and their service.

Mine is actually in the runner up photo of the week this week. I think you have to go to the newsletter or something to see it?

I hope you get it figured out without too much trouble.

Help, I just received new rudder from CD
and it isn’t a direct replacement. My old rudder pivoted on the metal dowel installed at the rear of my kayak. The new rudder has the metal dowel firmly in place as part of the rudder - I guess the new rudder and metal dowel turn together as one unit.

How the heck do I use the new rudder?