CD Squamish ?s


I’m looking for a rotomolded day touring kayak as a step up from a pungo. I tried the carolina, charleston and cape lookout but they didn’t have a rotomolded squamish available. Any input about this kayak compared to the others would be appreciated. I’ve read the reviews that state this boat is for smaller people - I’m 5’ 11’ 200#, would this boat fit or should I look elsewhere? Thanks

How about…
considering the Wilderness Systems Tempest 170? I am 5’10" and 215lbs and fit perfectly into the T170. Check it out…might be exactly what you are looking for…incredibly comfortable. Wish I could comment upon the CD Squamish…but have never gotten into one.

Best of luck in your hunting…



probably too small
I’m pretty sure it would be too small for you.

Squamish definitely too small for you
I’m 5’9", 158 lbs and Squamish was a tight squeeze for me. Low deck left my legs splayed out at a fairly uncomfortable angle.

Will look hard at the other boats as well as the whistler in the CD line.

yeah, too small but
I would try the CD scirrocco. It a great roto boat.

The Squamish
is a great boat, but I’m 175 lbs. and the thigh braces sit on top of my legs holding them down. The cockpit is wide enough, just not deep enough. It comes in composite the same size and a high volume that is deeper.

Try the Sirocco, the Squall and the Storm. They fit me great, though I like the Storm better as it has more initial stability. Secondary stability is great on all three boats.

Good luck!