cd storm gt tracking

I have a used, good condition cd storm gt. I am paddling on calm flat water here in Sacramento, (Lake Natoma). Had the boat about a month and am developing my paddling stroke per Brent Reitz dvd. Some days with seeming no wind, this boat just insists on cocking to the right and other days it goes straight. the hull looks good, with no perceptable oil cans or flaws. Has anyone had this experience? I am thinking it may be some inconsistancy in my stroke.

I too have a Storm GT, and on windless days, if I notice a tendency to go to one side, I check that I have the paddle centered in my grip. Just an inch or so off center will change your direction, especially if you paddle at a low angle. I do shift the paddle just a bit toward the side to which the boat is cocking in weak side winds where I do not want to use the rudder.

Are you left handed? I am right handed, and tend to go left if I lose concentration.


I am right handed and it is odd to tend right, will try the paddle adjustment idea next time it happens