CD Vision 150 Good Transition Boat?

Have a chance for a good deal on new CD Vis150 as a just tolerable weight transition boat/wind cheater alternative to my Wen Vag KUL canoe I drive with a GP to run with all yak paddle mates, especially in 10+ winds and chop. 6’1", 200#, 70yrs, ok shape. Ok choice? Tks, R

I’ve never paddled a Vision for one reason: I found the depth of the cockpit very confining. Reviews seem to note difficulty turning due to minimal rocker, making it rudder dependent.

If you have that much money, I encourage you to try the Eddyline Journey to have something to compare the Vision to (or the Eddyline Fathom if it fits you). The cockpit is about the same as the Vision but there’s a bit more depth. Weight is about the same. Excellent materials and hull design. I would say the Eddyline hull shape is superior to the Vision.

Have you sat in it?

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The depth issue is a concern for initial comfort if you are unused to a good kayak fit, but 12 inches is not a terribly shallow depth either. The overall fit might be better for you than a female simply because you are a guy and proportionally thinner thru the hips. It's not worth walking away from any decent boat if it is close enough by that you can see it in person.

As to tracking, it seems that CD intends this to be a stiff tracker. But it also sounds from your post as though you are looking for go-straight-speed over maneuverability to make a good fit with you paddling companions. And I am guessing that if you have been paddling a canoe in those conditions, it won't be a long reach for you to be comfortable taking the boat on edge for turning. The boat's design and your wishes may match.

One thing that can usually be said for CD boats, the ones designed for tracking like this Vision, is that they have extremely little tendency to weather cock. As you move into other manufacturers you may find a greater tolerance for weather cocking. Personally I don't find that a reason to accept or reject a boat by itself. All hull designs are a compromise and one of my boats has that issue, but the payback is the other stuff she does really well. But it drives some people nuts.

Tks for the inputs. No Eddylines around
here but going to spend some time in the Vision 150 this week and will keep your thoughts in mind and let you know how it goes. Hopefully will get some good wind and chop. Spent about 20 min in one a while back and liked it. Snug (esp compared to my open Wen Vag :slight_smile: but comfortable R

I have a CD Kestral
It appears to have a similar design to the vision. Mine turns like a dream if you get it on edge and tracks very well for a 14 footer.

I suspect the Vision would be a bit less turny and a bit better at tracking, but still a good all around boat.