CD Vision 150 or QCC Q400X?

Can anyone offer info/opinions on the differences and reasons for choosing between these two 15 foot kevlar kayaks? Thanks for any help.


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It's remarkable how similar those two are. The Q400 has a higher front deck by a couple inches, and looks like more volume towards the ends. It also has more vertical stem and stern for slightly longer waterline. The Vision 150 has a slightly bigger cockpit, and the faceted front deck which is nice. It is described as Swede-form, but I don't see it. Price and weight are close enough to not matter. An outfitter mentioned to me that he gets good reviews about seat comfort in his Vision rental fleet and likes the boats overall. I've used my CD boat regularly for 3 years and it's durable and well made. On the other hand, the QCC comes with the 30 day return guarantee which is a big deal, and they get good reviews for the most part. If you can't paddle both to compare, it may come down to which one looks prettier. I think they're both worth it - I'd be happy to have either (or both).

PS - if it was me, I would take a Q400S as I like a clean front deck and hate the tupperware rear hatch on the Vison.

QCC Q400X thanks
Thanks Carldelo for taking the time to send your reply, which was helpful and informative. I had pretty much decided on the Q400X but wanted to check to see if anyone had strong negative views. I will go ahead and order one tomorrow. Have fun out there on the East coast!

If you go the rudder route,

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ask Steve at QCC if you have any options other than the Smart Track system.

Rebecca was able to get her 400 and I was able to get my 700, with a Feathercraft rudder, and Yakima rails and foot pedals.

IMO, Smart (sic) Track syatem has way too many moving parts.

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