CD Visions 140 vs 150??

I recently demo’d a Current Designs Vision 140 and found it a little twitchy. I’m thinking that the Visions 150 might have a touch more initial stablity. Anybody tried and compared both boats??

Vision 140/150
Why did you not demo them both at the same time? I demoed Vision 140 last year and was not impressed so I did not buy it. Depending on what boat your used to paddling it may take a little while to get the feel of a different boat. What I didn’t like about the 140 was that it did not turn without using the rudder and i thought it was on the sluggish side in comparison to my Necky Manitou 13. Anyway I ended up buying a barely used Swift Saranac 146 w/skeg in a Carbon/Kevlar layup for much less than I would have paid for the Vision. The Saranac 146 turns very easily and tracks well but is still not as fast as the Manitou 13.

Try the CD Kestrel…
The Vision is a nice series, however I (personally)was not impressed with the initial design. Not that it is bad, it just was not for me.

I do own and love a CD Kestrel 140. It manuvers well, and has handled everything I’ve thrown at her, is very stable and extremely comfortable.

For the past 3 years, this has been my boat of choice. I did recently “graduate” to a CD Cypress.

CD makes a fine boat. Their attention to detail and quality is what led me to purchase the Kestrel and then the Cypress. I still use the Kestrel on twisty rivers and for bumping over stuff. Like I said, she is a tough little bird.

What is so wonderful about kayaking in this day and age is there are so many boats to choose from, eventually you will find what suits you best. Be patient, keep trying boats and best of luck!