CD Whistler-Daggar Meridian

I currently have an older Whistler. I’m very happy with it. I’ve paddled it in large lakes and all around Narraganset bay RI area. I’ve never paddled a more traditional sea kayak like the above. Will I find that the 2" width difference makes the boat feel less stable? Will I notice a speed difference due to the 2’ longer length of the Meridian?

I’m in the “You can never have too many boats” camp.

Perhaps this spring I need to not take my favorite boat everywhere and rent to really feel the difference.

Thank you in advance for your expertise.

Unless you are very barrel chested (lots of body weight above the navel) you should not have a problem going from 24" to 22". The Meridian will probably feel a little twitchy at first but I think you would get used to it pretty quickly unless you already feel twitchy in the Whistler.

If you normally paddle in the 3-4 mph range I do not think you will see that much difference in the speed of the two kayaks. If you are currently paddling the Whistler over 4 mph then you should see some increase in cruising speed with the Meridian. For 1-2 ft lenght increase and a 2" decrease in width it is likely only going to be .4 to .5 mph change in your cruising speed. That is not insignificant, but it is not like your are going to jump from 4mph to 6mph with this kayak change.

I test paddled a friends Meridian quite a bit when trying to decide on a new kayak. I liked it a lot although it did weathercock/broach more than I liked without using the skeg. With a little skeg down it performed very nicely. It also rolled easily. For reference I am 5ft 7in and weighed about 165 at the time.



As above, and waterline
The Meridian is a fairly rockered hull if I recall correctly, CD tens to favor trackier designs. So the waterline of the Meridian is likely not going to be 2 ft longer than that of the Whistler, albeit with a 2 ft difference it is likely to be some bit longer.

The Meridian is a well-liked boat, you just may find it a little more playful than the Whistler. This is a good thing.

Sweet boat
The Dagger Meridian is a very sweet boat. I particularly like the SK/s. If you can get a Meridian for a reasonable price, buy it. Play in it. If you don’t enjoy it, you should be able to sell it for what you paid. It is a well liked boat that has been out of production for a number of years.

What does that stand for?

What would a “Fair” price be? What should I look out for on a fiberglass boat?

How hard is it to repair a skeg cable?

what to look out for
A good idea is to inspect the GF boat from the inside while shining a strong flashlight from the outside. That way any issues with layer delamination, past repairs, etc. become more obvious. Check the seams carefully and look out for signs of osmosis on the gelcoat - looks like small bubbles/pauples - looks a bit like nettle burn, but this is rarely an issue nowadays - GF tech is pretty good now, so delamination and osmosis are rarely an issue. Check the wear on the keel, chines. Other than that, make sure the boat fits you size-wise. You will get used to any boat, lively or not, as long as it fits you. In an ill-fitting boat you will be uncomfortable no matter how good you are.

Sk indicates skegged - some Meridians did not have skegs

/s indicates ‘small’ - smaller cockpit and i think slight shallower at midships. I’m 6’, 180 pounds and liked the fit of the s better.

Day hatch was also optional on Meridians.

Problems with the skeg cable and/or control were not uncommon in Meridians.

Most Meridians I’ve seen were well made. A couple from the last year or so of manufacture were not so good.

I tend to think anything under $2000 is a good price for a used composite boat in good shape. I’ve seen very nice Meridians sell for $1200.

Thank You All!
For your time in responding. I decided it is prudent to rent a few boats to see which one fits best. It will be fun seeing what everybody loves about boat x or boat Y! I’m looking forward to upping my game!

Love my Meridian
I’ve paddled a Kelvar SK for a few years now, and love it. That said, it took a little while to get used to. People typically love a Romany right off the bat, but the Meridian is looser tracking. A little skeg fixes that, and the boat feels faster to me than a Romany.

Mine is a 2000, and is very well made. The Kevlar version was supposed to weigh around 47 lbs., but mine is closer to 40.

I’m 6’3" and 185#. I had an SK-S for a while, and it felt a little small. It was a superb rolling boat, though. I’d rate the SK as “very good” in that department.


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