CD Whistler?

Ok. I am 97% sure I will be purchasing a 2007 Whistler by Current Designs. I have heard nothing but great things about their boats. I am switching from a Tsunami 125. The price seems VERY reasonable compared to other boats in that length, e.g., Manitou 14, Tsunami 145, Carolina 14. I love the look of the kayak and the capacity is 100lbs more. I am 220lbs so that doesn’t leave much room for extended trips in the Tsunami 125. It is rated at 300lbs where the Whistler is 400lbs. Unless one of you can talk me out of it, that is the boat I will go with. I would appreciate some opinions on the Whistler if any of you have paddled it. Also, I can’t decide if I need the rudder or not. I will be on rivers and lakes, no oceans. Would the rudder benefit me or just make the kayak harder to load on my truck? Thanks in advance!

Similar to Pachena
The Whistler looks like a rotomold version of the Pachena - there are a bunch of p-net reviews of this boat. I bought a used Pachena a little over a year ago and like it quite a bit. There’s another current thread on loaner kayaks that I just posted some info about it a few minutes ago. It’s a very forgiving boat, and I’ll be keeping it for the long run, as a loaner and a boat for my wife. When I paddle it on the Hudson River or LI Sound, I use the rudder. On lakes, I generally don’t. Occasionally I paddle down some twisty connectors and use the rudder, but it probably isn’t necessary if you’ll never be fighting a cross-current or tidal action.

The Pachena has the same weight capacity as the Whistler - if you can find a used Pachena, I’d say grab it and enjoy having a composite boat - I paid $1300 for a used model in excellent shape. Also, the new CD Vision 150 is available in rotomold, but it’s 50% more that the Whistler for some reason. Any of these boats would probably do well for you - carpe kayak…

I’ve had one for about a year now and am still happy with it! you don’t need a rudder as far as I’m concerned. The Whistler carries as much as a container ship! the drawback is it turns like one to! I put a rudder on mine but seldom use it. Sea dog pedals don’t fit.

How tall are you?
I also had my heart set on a Whistler, but when I went to pick one up the the saleswoman asked me how tall I was. I’m 6’4", 180 lbs. and she told me she would not put anybody in one that was over 6’2" because you would push the bulkhead out with your feet. I did try one on for size and she was right, I could not stretch my legs because of the bulkhead. I ended up with a poly Kestrel 140. Plenty of leg room, but a tight fit for my size 12 feet. You would think a 14 1/2 ft. kayak would have more leg room than a 13 1/2 ft. but it didn’t. Go figure.

Oh the Pachena and Whistler are the same
I do know the Whistler but didn’t realize it’s a polly Pachena. It is a very flat bottom boat. Secure but not great for learning to edge. I think it is a good boat for putting about anyone in for flat water. Should be a good big guy boat but not high performance. Even with beginner tours I seldom see people needing the rudder.

I am 6’0" tall…
…and 220lbs. Would I have enough leg room. I also have a size 12 foot but usually paddle in Chacos or bare feet, so that gives me a little more room that other shoes would.

I paddled one for about 10 minutes
at a demo day a year ago. I don’t remember foot or leg room being an issue. I’m 6-4 with size 12’s. I liked it for the short time I paddled it.

But go try one on for sure.


no demo day, ugh.
That is a problem I have. There are only a couple of kayak dealers in my area and they are at least 2 hours away. I would LOVE to be able to try out some boats before I buy them but I can’t. What do I do???