CD's New Caribou vs. Old One?

Besides dimensional changes and moving the cockpit forward, has anybody who is familiar with this new version and the older original version have anything to add?

From their website:
The Caribou is a classic Greenland style design that has a cult-like following.

Receiving some improvements and modifications for 2010, the chines were softened a bit and flat sections were given some curve. The deck was modernized with more flowing lines and the cockpit was shaped to make for easier entry and exit.

Now more stunning than ever, it has amazing intial stability and edge holding capabilities. Couple that with its wave catching powers and you have a great kayak that’s fast, nimble, and a pure joy to paddle.

The seat comes with a comfortable padded Immersion Research Reggie backband. A skeg is standard on the Caribou and when deployed, allows this nimble craft to track straight in adverse conditions.

A larger Suka now
They also seem to to have raised the foredeck about 3/4 of an inch or so, and swept the bow up a little along with softening the chines and rounding out the flat areas on the bottom. Must be trying to appeal to plus-sized Americans…but then, I had the same criticism of the entire Solstice line – way too deep.

It’s not the same boat as my 1998 'bou. I have paddled a Suka, and it’s an easy boat to like, so I can imagine that the scaled up version they now call the Caribou is probably just as likeable. But the foredeck is too high for me, and I’ll bet they raised the rear of the coaming, too (Hopefully not - it was already too high).

Caribou lite
Sounds like CD is weakening (castrating?) some of the distinguishing features of this boat that I love.

This winter, I am repairing my 1992 Caribou S (Canadian made, under the former ownership). My son has asked that he get this boat in my will.

Be Happy…
That we have the Canadian built Bous, eh?

The Bou
is originally from Maine. I dont own one of those but a friend of mine has one of the first wood Bous ever built by Barry Buchanan.

Here’s my opinion
I haven’t paddled it, haven’t seen it, and am not willing to cut and paste it. But here’s my opinion…

Who’da thought
that we’d have rarities for kayaks? Canadian built kayaks used to be a dime a dozen, and not that many years ago.

"a classic Greenland style design"
From a marketing team that seems to feel anything hard chined is “Greenland style.” Though I think the Caribou is one of the best looking production boats available, it certainly is not very “Greenland style.”

Unlike boats such as the Anas Acuta and Qasuut,I know of no actual Greenland boat from which the Caribou directly descends.

Thank you. The Bou
can properly be called “Classic Maine Style”.

But I probably alluded to that already…lol.

the ancient plywood!

"and moving the cockpit forward"
What makes you say that? (to the OP)