CD's Revolution Seating System?

Anyone familiar with this?

I am buying, assuming it is in as good condition as claimed, a CD Vision 140 on Sunday. I used to own a 130, so I am familiar with the kayak, but mine didn’t have the Revolution seat. Is it comfortable, etc.?

It is a long drive…

I like it
The choices and possibilities are endless. I really like the tilting seat pan, and the back rest adjusts from an elevated rec seat down to back band position. I have heard that the vision models have a really low rim on the cockpit and can be a really wet ride without a skirt. I hope you can try the seat out for a bit before you but it.

I have a Storm
that came with an early version of that seat. After using it for 4 years I replaced it with an NRS back band. I will not go back.

I like it too.
But I did relocate the stainless steel bolt that secures the seat back to its upper position, which means that I can drop the seat back about as low as a backband would be.

Just a thought here. If you go to see the boat, slacken the release that lets the seat pan rotate so you can feel underneath the seat and see how well the bracket that supports it is glassed in. On my first Vision 140 that bracket came away from the hull bottom. Although it was an easy fix CD replaced the entire kayak for me as it was under full warranty. Their Customer Service was excellent and the new boat they gave me has been fine.