Cedar Creek, NJ

A sales rep at EMS told me about Cedar Creek. Anyone have any info about this creek (i.e put in, pull out spots)? Thanks - Jim

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Hey Jim,

Take a look at our club's (Penn_Kayakers) Launch Site Directory. It lists several locations for Cedar Creek.


Jeff P.

Here is another resource
Take a look at JSSKA’s (Jersey Shore Sea Kayakers Association’s) Launch Site Directory.


Jeff P.

Used to live there in Bayville.
Great place to paddle. There’s Ceder Creek Campground on Rt9 but that’s pretty close to the Bay. We just followed the road and put in at a bridge, you can always take out on Route 9 at the campground.

Thanks for the info. Does anyone know if this creek flows well without recent rain? Is it suitable for WW kayaks? Thanks again - Jim

Cedar Creek be good
Wha Ho, Pilgrim

Ah’ usually do Cedar Creek 4-5 times a year an’ just gone went an’ paddled it 3 weeks ago. It always has nuff water ta paddle. Very nice northern Pine Barrens River.

Yer kin’ put in at Dover Forge an’ take out at Dudley Park (access closes around Memorial Day ta Labor Day ta non-residents)fer a 8-9 mile trip. Thaar be a beaver dam jus’ before Ore Pond an’ then a portage at de end of Ore Pond.

Fer a shorter trip ye kin put in at Double Trouble State Park.

Fer a very long,tedious an’ scrubbery ettin’ trip yer kin start at Bamber Lake - not recommended fer a leisurely trip.