Cedar River Flow / Adirondacks/NY

I just returned from a weekend there. What a great destination it is although the weather could have been the last great weekend of the year. Just a perfect couple of days.

Finding the Cedar River can be tricky. We found the channel with bent grass underneath indicating the flow of the river but hit a few dead ends. We successfully crossed over 2 beaver dams before spilling out onto the Cedar River. What a treat it was!

Camping wise, there is a leanto and a nice campsite downstream. The thing to remember downstream means you run into it before reaching the leanto. The leanto was full and after unsuccessfully finding another site, retreated back to the campsite which turned out to be a great choice.

Wild life included plenty of beaver activity on the river, Herons and numerous fowl life on the Flow and coyotes howling early in the evening. - John

is a nice place, I know what ya mean about having a hard time finding the river. Did you camp at the spot with the two dead pine trees? I love that spot, used it many times, nice view over the marsh. Robin

Trout fishing
Does anyone know if the Cedar River has good trout fishing above the flow? I was at the CRF this summer. It was beautiful, but the fishing in the flow was terrible.

I did stay at the site with a few dead pine trees. A great camp site.

We didn’t fish but there were several folks fishing on the flow when we were leaving. - John

Fishing CRF
I have caught trout in the past below the lean to and have seen others with some fish, but the last 2 times (this spring and last fall)I camped up there where John camped I got skunked, nothing.

My son and I paddled upstream from the lean to a few years back and walked the shoreline even further, casting to every section of moving water and got nothing.

Someone mentioned acid rain had killed the Cedar Lakes and might have affected the down stream section also, not sure though. Robin