Cedar Strip Canoe

I am just getting into paddling and I want to know some opinions on building a cedar strip canoe. I know it is probably not the best option for a beginner, but I just want one canoe that I can feel connected to. I already have some kayaks that I use for saltwater fishing, but since I am landlocked and don usually get to go saltwater fishing, I want a stable craft I can use for freshwater fishing in my nearby lakes, which are in the Chattanooga area if anyone is wondering. Anyway, I have been trying to find the best strip canoe kit, but I can find any reviews of any companies. Can someone give me some info on good strip canoe plans?

Many that are good
Chesapeake Light Craft

Pygmy Boats

Newfound Woodworks

Northwest Canoe

Bear Mountain

One more
Green Valley Boat Works, designs by John Winters, a very good long time canoe/kayak Nav Arch:


Not too tough
When I built my first wood strip I had very little successful woodworking experience and was somewhat doubtful I’d be able to complete the project and have a decent canoe at the end. It turned out to be a lot easier and more forgiving than I expected.


Not trying to dissuade you from building
But whether you build or buy, if you enjoy solo paddling, you will feel connected to your first canoe. Everybody knows you never forget your first :wink:

here’s another option

They have plans that where taken from some great Chestnut Canoe Company models, Pal, Bobs Special, Chum all very choices for what you are looking for. Also lots of cedar strip builders here to help you along if you decide to build.


Northwest Canoe

He has a lot of plans, some free and some for purchase. You’d have to get your wood so not a kit per-say but solid boats for sure. Plus, they’re great guys and always on standby for any assistance you need. Located in Saint Paul with a neat little shop too.

I have built three canoes from plans from Northwest. I would not hesitate to build a forth using them as my primary source.

If you get to Charlotte nc shoot me a line and you can paddle one.