cedar strip kayak advice needed

hi all-- i am in the process of putting together a cedar strip kayak—i need decorative stripping ideas----want to keep it kinda simple since this is my first ----just want to add a little pazaz and creativity—thanks for your help—take care—phil


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You could spend a couple of weeks checking out pics of the eyecandy there. Joe Greenley of Redfish kayaks has a m-board with user submitted pics too.

So, what are ya building? Got any pics yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

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http://www.kayakforum.com should be the title

cedar strip
i am building the osprey from newfound woodworks–no pics yet still getting eveverything together----thanks----phil

Who designed the Osprey?

If you go to www.kayakforum.com…check out the user profiles and their websites. The archive search will also provide you with a remarkable number of resources. Would also check out

Rob Mack’s site:


Vaclav’s site:


Enjoy…I did.