cedar strip kits

I want to build a cedar strip rowing bost (guide boat or rangely lakes style). I would like to order a kit instead of just builing from plans. The Newfound Woodworks kits look appealing, but thought I would ask around before buying. Do you have nay other suggestions or comments? Thanks in advance - Larry

Good builders site
There is an excellent and active boat builders forum here:


There are a handful of builders here on p.net, most of which also participate in the kayakforum. But there are many builders there that do not participate here.

Keep us posted on how it goes.
I’ve always lusted for a Adirondak Guide Boat.

In fact, as my son is only 3, that is our current plans for the late Summer. A 4 day trip in the 'daks in a rented Guide Boat!

They are beautiful boats.

Good luck.

don’t know their designs
but I met Mike Vermouth of Newfound seven years ago and he’s a nice guy.

An Eric Schade option…
Check out one of Eric’s designs. If you do not know about Eric, he has designed some superb boats (Merganser, CLC’s Shearwater Series is the same as the Merganser series).

He has designed boats other than kayaks:


Eric is GREAT to work with…is always available for telephone support, and his kits are superbly prepared (with CNC).



Guideboat Kits…
are hard to come by, especially for the more authentic planked boats. There are strippers and composite boats available, but they are, in my opinion, considerably less desirable than authentic planked boats that can be built using copper tacked lapped joint planks and split spruce root ribs (very expensive), or glued ball and cove jointed planks and laminated ribs (merely expensive).

I love mine, and have rarely gone back to the canoe since I got it 2 years ago.

I’ve got some names of builders if you want to go that route - email me if you want them. Also see http://adkguideboat.com/ and http://www.michneboat.com/

JH Bahn


Newfound Woodworks
I am in Newfound Woodworks workshop about once a week.(work related).

They are a very reputable company and have seen his work - nice stuff. It is just Mike and a couple others that work for him. Both the cedar strip canoes and kayaks look nice and I think his prices are pretty reasonable.

Another one

Kits vary in what’s included – this one sounds very complete. The company’s finished boats are spectacular.

I’ve also had good experience with the folks at Newfound.