cedar strip plans

I am looking for a set of plans for a cedar stip solo canoe that can be built light that would perform well with a 265lb paddler, does such a thing exist? i have a penobscot 16 now, so i’m looking for something that will be lighter and more solo’ish than that.

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wood boat building site:

couple places
Check out Northwest Canoe (out of St. Paul) and Greenval.com

Both have good plans and information.


We are building one now

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The RedCrossRandy and this baldpaddler are building a
Northwest Canoe Passage, Stretching it out to 16 feet.we should have it in the water before mid july
and will tell you how it handles.
Here is an article about it.

Cedar Strip Canoe
Check out the Huron Cruiser, a Steve Killing designed hull. It has a 32" beam. I built one and paddle it as a large volume solo canoe. If you’d like more info contact me privately.

here at the Wooden Canoe Heritage Forum

eat, breath, and shi$ wooden canoes here


Strip Kayak
Ever check out the Night Heron from Guillemot Kayaks? It is a beautiful strip. Also you could check out CLC (Chesapeake Light Craft) for plans. They havea great track record.

Bear Mountain
is another source that folks I know have had good experiences with.


They are especially well known for their Prospectors.

If Mark Morell (sp?) puts up a post here, you’d do well, I think, to pay attention to it. This weekend I just happened to see a couple of boats he built. They are beeeeeautiful! I’d take a page from his book if I were in your shoes.