Cell photo

No canoes or kayaks, but I took this photo with my cell this morning while walking the dog. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

That’s a very good camera on your cell. And the fall color is way ahead of our area; wonderfully warm temps now delaying it till the end of the month. Okay by me!

Droid turbo 2, the camera and video capability amaze me. 21 megapixels.

Beautiful picture.

My Galaxy S7 takes better pictures than our Nikon D3200. The S8 and Note8 should be even better.
For the lower 90% of us, I say forget standard cameras now days. For a photography inept person like me, the algorithms on a smartphone camera take way better pictures than I could with a $5000 DSLR.

My prettiest and most favorite pictures I have ever taken are with a phone. And they’re now waterproof! (the samsung’s at least) Perfect!

Have to agree, I have a DSLR and 2 point and shoot cameras, and my phone takes consistently better photos than any of the cameras!