Center Foam Pillar on Kayak


I have a Sun Flight kayak that I love, the only problem is the center foam pillar. It takes up a lot of room. You just can’t move your legs around it and there’s not much room to put a dry-bag or anything else.

Would it cause structural damage if I removed it? Or are there any other ways around this problem.


Is it a gray thing?


not familiar with your kayak but if it’s what i think you’re talking about, the pillar does provide some structual rigidity, but more importantly, it provides floatation in case you were to get swamped or capsized.


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Only Prijon boats (WW) can get away with not having the center pillar for their rigid plastic.

Foam Kayak Pillar
Yes, it is a grey thing.

Eskimo too.

Foam Pillars
Since my kayak does not have bulkheads would I get the same flotation benefits from flotation bags inserted in the bow and stern?

The pillar might be able to be modified to give me more room and still keep the structual stability. I’m under 5 ft so don’t need a whole lot of leg room.

Depends on your use.
It is very much structural and more important, most pillars are really not flotation as much as they are there to prevent a pin entrapment in the event of water pressure collapsing and trapping your legs. This is more likely to happen in moving water.

They usually don’t put things in boat that don’t have a purpose.


riot/sun used xytec a pretty stiff
plastic too…

had the velocity for abit…pretty durable…

RE: Depends on your use
"They usually don’t put things in boat that don’t have a purpose."

Nigel Dennis puts seats in his boats :wink: