Center Seat for a Rogue

Recently purchased a 16 ft Wenonah Rogue and plan to install a center seat to paddle solo from. Was wondering if anyone else has done this and where the “sweet spot” wound up being for you. Not sure if I should go for dead level trim or what. The weather is less than inspiring for testing right now.

Call or email Wenonah. Also
you might not be far off if you determine the balance point for portaging (which may be where Wenonah put the center thwart) and then set up your center seat so that, when kneeling, your thighs are braced comfortably under the center thwart. If you want to paddle sitting from a center seat, that is another problem. That would mean no center thwart, and your butt might need to be slightly behind where it would be planted for paddling while kneeling.

Rogue centre seat
You are not going to like my suggestion. As the happy owner of two Wenonah solos, I’d suggest buying the solo equivalent to your Rogue. I think it is the Rendevous. The Rogue is much wider with flaring sides making the water a hard reach from a centre position. The Rendevous, like my Vagabond and Voyager, are narrower overall with tumblehome to make them especially narrow at the gunwale.

Center Seat for Rogue
Thanks, will be using the seat for sitting and kneeling, good point about using the thighs against the center twart as a guideline.


Considered the Rendevous but wanted the versitilty of the bigger boat. Had a Rogue once before and the only solo paddling I did in whitewater was backwards from the bow seat. Made for quite a workout. Have a Bell Morningstar and a Mad River Outrage X that I use as solo only. Always trying to balance how often I can get the wife to go with what I may want to do solo. wish boats wern’t so expensive and took up so much space, would have a few more.