Center Seat for Malecite


Would like to set up my Malecite with a center seat but also retain the yoke. Has anyone done this? Heard something about Caryyoke product but can’t find information on this product. Please share your wisdom.


Malacite as solo
This is pretty easy, as Malecite is one of the best small class tandems of all time. I learned to love solo canoeing paddling a Malecite backwards; kneeling against the back of the bow seat. [I moved on to real solo boats pretty quickly.]

Anyway, she’s still a tandem. Best bet is to install that solo seat ~where the third thwart is, or should be, and leave the center thwart as a carry thwart.

I think I could put a minicell pedestal
real close to the thwart/yoke, leaving the yoke still quite usable. However, you might not like kneeling on a pedestal. Some people prefer a seat or kneeling thwart where they can shift to the paddling side. I’m very tall and don’t have to shift.

Ask Doug D about my experience with a pedestal in a malecite. We were out paddling in winter, practicing launching on and off of ice cakes. Great fun - paddle like mad, hit the edge of the ice and slide right up onto it so far you can then step out. Then you push the boat across the ice, holding both gunwales, so when the ice breaks from under you, you just flop into the boat.

So anyway, I was sitting pretty up there on my pedestal, leaned over to get a good bite on the water with my paddle, and just kept right on going over, head first into the icewater. I’d call it brisk.

Anyway, the pedestal worked OK. I know there is available a removable wooden center seat/ portage yoke combo. Maybe you could try Old Town, Confluence, Porter Woodworking and fin one.

Mad River made a removable yoke
… for the Malecite with a center seat factory installed. The yoke was removable and went under the seat when not in use. My experience with it is less than satisfactory, especially with the heavier fiberglass model. The way the bracket is designed, the grain of the wood runs the wrong way at the point of most stress. A dowel pin was used to help with the stress. But, for me it hasn’t worked. It’s been broken and fixed a couple times and now I’ve given up.

With the center seat installed in the factory position (haven’t measured where it is but I’m guessing it’s 8" or a little more aft of center) the seat works just “ok” for a shoulder carry point. I really need to get a clamp-on removable yoke for my carries accross the beach … before I really screw my neck up.

My advice would be to get a decent clamp on yoke. Anyone know of one that is especially hearty for saltwater environments?

I have one, for MR Explorer
Everything Clarion said is right. One side of mine had to be reinforced with a screw where the yoke slides into a slot. It is held in place with a couple 1/8" stainless steel pins that are easily and quicly removed, but may need some extra persuasion via a hammer to get back in. Sometimes they slide right in, sometimes they don’t.

When it works, it is a great set up…I haven’t found anything better. But I like the idea of finding a good clamp-on yoke. That may be the best bet.


try this site

They have a one-piece yoke/center seat as well as a variety of clamp-on yokes. I found the site through links.