Center seat


I have a Mad River 17’ Royalex canoe that i want to add a center seat to for soloing. The hull is asymmetrical so I can’t paddle it in reverse using the front seat.

I can’t find any info on installing a center seat. I have some questions. Exactly where should it be located? Should the seat be angled down? Where should I put the yoke? What’s the thought on using a contoured seat?



On my ranger, the recommendation was to position the seat so the back of the seat was 24 in. from the center. Worked good for that boat.

Center seat
To the front or rear of the center?

Thanks, Jim

Position the front edge
of the center seat, 4"-6" aft of center line. Set the seat height as high as is comfortable when kneeling (assuming that you will be kneeling most of the time). If you will be kneeling, the front edge of the seat should be 3/4" -1" lower than the rear.

As for a thwart, it will need to be removable.

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of center.