Central Canada

Where are the most remote spots to travel to in central Canada?

I mean where paddling is good, water mostly unpolluted, good wildlife, and the fewest people.

Are you kidding?
Having toured the Great Lakes last summer with the family this ? amuses me. Once you leave Toronto and start following the sun you will leave “civilization” behind and be surrounded by that which many want to visit but not move to. That said, just pick an area of Canada that is removed from the Great Lakes by 200 miles and you’re there.

Good luck!

What do you mean by Central Canada?
Where are you coming from? By central are you looking in the prairies or Ontario?

I mean wooded areas, with lakes and rivers farthest from people perhaps north of Minnesota or North Dakota.

try northern saskatchewan. that is pretty central (a bit west of centre) and wilderness.

Central Canada - Wilderness
Going north from Minnesota you would be close Quetico which is the Canadian side of the Boundary Waters. I haven’t done a trip in that area yet, but it is definitely a good canoe tripping area. For a reference Kevin Callan has a book on Quetico.

Wabakimi is another option: http://www.ontarioparks.com/english/waba.html

Quetico is pretty crowded in summer, Wabikimi less so (fair bit of fly-in). The general rule is the further from the border, the fewer people.

It’s pretty vague to ask fewest people,it depends on how important that is. The more important it is, the more work it will take to find a location. For example to paddle for 2 weeks and not see A SINGLE person is not easy to find.

2nd Wabakimi
But I’d hit it around May 15th or earlier and you won’t see a soul, after that you’ll run into fly-in motor boaters on various lakes, as some cabins/lakes were grandfathered in when the park expanded years ago. Have also hit it late September and seen no one. Have seen black bear, wolves, caribu, moose and countless loons and eagles. Great acces on road north out of Armstrong leading to Caribu Lake.

2nd this also
We flew into the Waterfound River and took it to the Fon-Du-Lac River with a pick-up at Black Lake (we used Points North Air north of La Rounge). Some good whiteh2o w/good portages if you won’t run 'em. You won’t see ANYBODY! Fishing is unbelieveable, caught my biggest lake trout, walleye, arctic grayling and pike there. Posted photos on Myspace, search ‘Shawnee Trails’

trees and remote is vague considering its the second largest country in the world.

Anywhere North, Northeast and Northwest of Winnepeg ontario will get you about 750,000,000 acres and few people. The entire fur trade route doesnt have many on it once you head north of Lake Winnepeg. North of Wabakimi too, The albany river , northern sasqatchuen, gee its endless.


yah before May 15
you wont see a soul since the ice is not out but its rotten enough not to support a snowmobile.

Fishermen are in till about the end of June…The fishing lodges are good to have for safety reasons.

Also a rarity among PP as its serviced by train. You can train in and paddle out…for more info go to www.wabakimi.org

Been there for four years for a total of 13 weeks.

Now in central Canada do you have months to spend?

Nunavut and NWT beckon…bring wallet. Doing the Thelon next year.

there’s a lot to choose from
"I mean where paddling is good, water mostly unpolluted, good wildlife, and the fewest people."

That’s pretty much all of Northwestern Ontario.

Anywhere an hour or two north of Kenora to Sault Ste Marie is good paddling.

You’ll probably prefer Wabakimi over Quetico