Central Florida camping/kayaking

Anyone know where to kayak and camp? Please visit my site and let us know.



What? No canoes?
I know plenty of paddling/camp areas throughout Florida, especially Central Florida (born and raised here) but until you include canoes in your program I refuse to let anyone know of any of my secret haunts (not even located on any map).

So why no canoes?

Very nice…
Like the site, and hope to paddle with you sometime soon. Gulfcoaster, c’mon now, canoes are just kayaks that let the rain in…

Deb and I live in Leesburg, and paddle with Florida Trail folks, as well as the Happypaddlers, and can show you a few sites you may enjoy. We are a bit busy until late August, but I’ll check back now and again.


I don’t mind kayaks but I can’t stand up

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and stretch (which I need to do for about 10 minutes on the hour due to being a pedestrian in a hit-and-run) in a kayak. I can't pole a kayak either. I also NEED some creature comforts due to the reason listed above.
I'm soon going to file for disability and a 'yak just won't work for me. If it gets much worse I may have to give up paddling all together. Doctors at the V.A. Hosp. told me I should've given it up some time ago but as long as I can still paddle and pole I'll put up with the pain.
It saddens me that folks out there don't realize that sometimes a canoe is a necessity for those of us who just can't paddle a 'yak due to their disabilities.
I don't mind showing folks a few of my 'Edens' but I ain't telling nobody nothing. My daughters and grandson are the only few who know and they ain't telling either! When someone offers canoes for the disabled as well as being willing to learn a few things of foraging around in those parts and prove to me they're worthy of the stewardship of these places then I'll deem them worthy of showing them my truly hidden bits of paradise. Call me Dr. Morbius (from the sci-fi movie,"Forbidden Planet") if you so desire but unless somebody's up to a minimum 3-week paddle and have an eye for spotting the right place to just to get into the entryways these spring-fed, canopied clearings will never be found. They cannot be seen from the air because even the way to them are mostly canopied and some of the openings in the canopy gives them an illusion of a small pond at best.
When my spirit leaves this planet I hope one of these Edens will be the launch point.
Do forgive the rantings of an old man but the meds are wearing off and I'm not due to take anymore for another four hours.
May God bless you all.
Any questions?

No questions but…
I hear and understand your words. Most of all…I respect your point.


Kayak vs Canoeing inland Florida
I paddle a kayak, a solo and a tandom canoe. I like the kayak for padding the open ocean and really love my canoes for paddling lakes and rivers. It is too bad that lines are drawn (canoe vs kayak). They both have their place and a good canoe like the Bell magic can keep up with the better kayaks. The Wenonah Jensen-18 will out pace any kayak under 18’. Canoes are more versitile and comfortable. They can fit my 80 Labrador too.

Another advantage to my canoe is…
I can sleep in it over a spring when it’s too hot or too cold otherwise on land. I just tie off between two trees, inflate and lay down my air mattress, then my sleeping bag and sleep good.

A word of caution: If you toss and turn in your sleep like I do then don’t do this in a flat-bottomed hull or you might have a rude, wet awakening!

two spots to include
are the Santa Fe River and Ichnetucknee. These are beautiful, easy to paddle and a favorite with

all the paddlers I know.

I’m leading a group from Sarasota at Silver River

(Ray Wayside Park) at 11 AM 15 Sept, and about 15-20 of us will do the Santa Fe on Oct 6th, and the Itchnetucknee on the 7th.

Care to join us? The more the merrier.