Central Illinois/ Spoon and Mackinaw Riv

Having never paddled either, I am in need of some advice on access points and water levels. First the Spoon; How’s the access and summertime water levels from Highway 74 down to Maquon? I have the same questions for the Mackinaw from Spark’s Bridge to Robinstein Bridge.

Merri and I are wanting to paddle/ film these two streams in a week or two, anyone want to join us?

Mark Morrall

Morrall River Films

Need a little rain - perhaps
I paddled Sparks to Route 150 a few weeks ago and I think the water level was about 2 1/2 feet on the Congerville gauge at the time. We dragged bottom in a few places and a couple of us “chose poorly” at a couple of splits and had to get out and take our kayaks for a “walk.” I don’t know much about the access at Robinstein Bridge. I think I’ve heard it’s a long walk and/or you need to get permission from a private landowner for accdss. But I have never used that access point. Sorry, I don’t know anything about Spoon River.

Kickapoo Creek?
Thanks LittleRed, I’ll keep a close eye on the weather and the gauge. Would you happen to know anything about the Kickapoo Creek?


I paddle the Mackinaw

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at all water levels. We even did a stretch last year (150 to DNR) at 60 cfs. It runs like a tiny weaving ribbon & actually has spots of fairly fast water. Of course, the Mack is always changing & you never know what you will find. And, if you really get into a good conversation with your paddling partners & don't pay attention to those little tiny ripples, you might find yourself on a sandbar at low water. :) It still is really fun.

I usually paddle the area from 150 south to 121. If you have questions about this area, please let me know. I have only paddled Sparks to R. Bridge twice.

Oh, and I would love to show you the Mackinaw but I am going on a Canadian river trip THURSDAY-Tomorrow! (Happy dance).

I will be back August 10.

Sounds good, I’ll pick your brain more and try to set up a date that works for both of us after you get back. What river are you doing up north?