Central Mass Kayak Trip

Hey everyone, my little brother and I are beginner kayakers but have had a strong interest in doing an overnight kayaking trip. We would like to kayak on a lake to an island and stay overnight. Does anyone know of lakes in the central MA region, or close to the Central MA region, that would allow overnight camping on an island. If not, are there any type of overnight trips we could do close by (worcester county) that a beginner could handle and enjoy? We would very much prefer primitive camping rather than a settled campground. Thank you very much for any help!

Tully Lake
I don’t think what you are looking for exist but you could simulate it at Tully Lake.

Is Maine in central Mass?
Sorry, you’re not in prime kayak camping country. You would need to head north, way north.

Connecticut River
The Upper Valley Land Trust has primative sites on the river between Windsor VT and Haverhill NH.