Central New Jersey Winter

I mentioned on another thread that my usual paddle spot is a stretch of the D&R canal. It’s a good protected place that serves me well for an hour or so of exercise. With that said I rarely see anyone else in this spot. There are usually bikers and runners passing by on the adjacent trail. I expect they will be far and few between as winter approaches.
Are there any flat water places in central NJ that are more likely to have winter kayakers? I’m sure I will not be out in the dead of winter on 35 degree days but on the occasional warmer days and early spring it would be nice to see someone else around.

Round valley

JSSKA Competitive Paddlers are on the D&R today doing unofficial Race.

JSSKA.org or look go the FB JSSKA page.

Thanks! Any idea what part of the canal?

11/21 @10:30am, 598 Canal Rd, Somerset

Till 1pm. Paddle fast to catch up!