Central Ohio area

Newbie here, and 1st post!! Hello all!

Curious if if anyone has paddled the quarry’s behind St. Joe’s cemetery off of Rt.23 & Rt.317? It looks absolutley awesome. Wondering who owns the land or is it public these days…And fishing? Just curious because they look to be building a hotel at that corner for the new casino and wiped out all the trees so the lake/quarry is visible. Has anyone been on these waters? i will be hitting the creeks that run along side of them real soon and wondered if it were possible to jump on over and paddle there without getting ran off.

You might want to check the Ohio Game Fishing site if you don’t get something here. I don’t know about those specifically, but I know on those forums there have been lots of discussions of the quarry areas around Grandview Heights. Maybe folks there would have some input.

Thanks, i will have to check into OGF site and see what i come up with.