cetus, cetus lv

hi anybody tried the cetus or cetus lv would appreaticate any comments.

For extended or camping trips the Cetus swallows gear, doesn’t act differently when loaded and offers excellent stability when it is blustery and lumpy conditions. For speed I would put it at middle of the pack. When used as a day boat is has excellent maneuverability for a boat of its’ length. Does like to weathercock and isn’t a boat that you are going to say “tracks like its’ on rails” Cockpit is fairly large, but as I age’ I’ll take it for the ease to get in and out of it. The bow might have been better served if it had a little more buoyancy near the seam so it wouldn’t spear water quite so easily. I’ve paddled a few boats and have come to the conclusion that even in your upper tier boats they will have a number of solid and successful design qualities and a few personality quirks and this boat is no different. I’m perfectly happy with it as I’ve come to see that the personality quirks simply highlight what this paddler needs to work on and not what the next boat must morph into. i’ve never seen or paddled an LV so can only speak to the original Cetus.

Only moments in the LV
So far anyway, It has a nice fit for me at 5’4" and 135 pounds. While full length, it has the feel of a low volume boat. I just took it around in a very flat area for a few minutes, so all I can say is that it turned nicely and is really easy to static brace.

The coach I borrowed it from used in tidal races all day, and he said it performed well. It appears from further conversations that we like about the same size boat.

I’ve used my Cetus for two seasons and have been very happy with both the kayak and with the customer service from P&H. I am an intermediate level paddler, 5’8", 200 pounds. Selected the boat because it fit me well and the combination of storage, handling and stability-both initial and on edge. Have used it on the Great Lakes in all kinds of conditions and I trust the boat to respond as needed to any situation. The limit is my skill level. The skeg corrects weathercocking-it is not an issue for me. Once up to cruising speed, it is easy to keep there. Travels well into stiff winds and waves. Quality built product.

I have an early Cetus and am currently
putting a new bottom on it (careless seal launch cracked some gel coat). Concerns- 1. Tracking in rear quartering waves and wind. I propose to install the newer stiff skeg and move my seat back to the stock location 1-2 inches rearward. 2. Broaching in steeper surfing conditions. I expect the changes listed above to greatly improve this.

Highlights- Quality, comfort, speed, stability, storage. All of which mean nothing if I can’t resolve the concerns. In my opinion P&H makes this highest quality fiberglass boats in the industry, and their seats are excellent. I prefer Valley boats because of their designs. Once I finish the bottom on my Cetus and make the skeg and seat location changes, I plan to do a heads up test between my Nordkapp and the Cetus. The loser will be in the classifieds shortly thereafter. Reality is there really is no loser here, they are both great boats, but some boats work better for different people. I am 6’3" 235lbs and as such most boats simply cannot accomodate a person of my size. The Cetus is one very comfortable boat and I look forward to seeing if the changes I make will change its behavior. Bill

My Cetus is an early one too-#76. I installed the stiffer skeg earlier this year and it improved tracking in quartering winds, etc. noticably.