Cetus HV Object on Forward Bulkhead

I just purchased a used Cetus HV.

What is the grey object on the bulkhead wall in the photo. The camera is at the bow and is pointed toward the back…at the bulkhead wall.

Is this some kind of equalization valve?

I guess I will find out tomorrow before it goes out on the water…but is there anyway this item could let water from the cockpit into the forward bulkhead…the cockpit filled up with rain water and there was a heck of alot of water in the forward bulkhead. The bow was much lower than the stern because it was laying on a hill.

Some boats do have pressure equalization valves to prevent issues if you drive to and from altitude or from the boat heating up in the sun. That definitely could be what you have there.

If the valve is just a pinhole, then it could let water in should one side be flooded and the other not. Not usually too much of an issue as you just need to dry out 2 areas instead of 1.

  1. you are correct, pressure equalization valve.
  2. no, you worry too much
  3. go paddle and enjoy your new to you ride.

Check the bulkhead to hull connection. If it’s cracked or looks suspicious, use some Lexel to seal it.

We have two Cetus, they have the valves you are wondering about. Never had any water entering the compartments in the 4 years we have had them.

Older kayaks often had a 1/16" hole drilled in the middle of the bulkhead to equalize pressure.

Thanks all… Will be taking it out this afternoon when the traffic subsides. I think it looks good for an 8 year old.

When get back down South, Marshall, I will need a keel strip

putting a pict in a new boat sticky