Cetus LV seat removal, anyone?

-- Last Updated: Aug-29-13 10:04 AM EST --

I am looking at several size Cetus kayaks, the Cetus LV and Cetus MV. Despite knowing that the MV will probably fit me more comfortably (185lbs) - I sat in a LV some time back and found I could fit.

However, I was thinking that the seat was pretty high above the hull so wondered if anyone had ever removed a Cetus LV fiberglass seat and installed a foam seat successfully. I imagine it would lower the paddler at least an inch (and possibly two) making more room.


PS - I do realize that my weight may also impact boat performance (releasing the bow/stern while edging) so am also taking that into account on my choice. However, if you are my weight - any experience in the Cetus LV is welcome!


I’m your weight and 6’ tall. I could fit in the LV, but the thigh braces were way too high on my legs. You could remove the seatby taking out the 2 bolts on each side, but I doubt that will make too much difference. There is definitely not 2 inches of space under the lowest part of the seat. (I doubt it’s more than 1/2".) The Cetus is a maneuverable boat anyways, so I would stick with the better-fitting MV at our size. Rather than trying to cram into a poorly fitting LV.

MV - better for our weight

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I briefly test-paddled the LV, the MV, and the regular (before its redesign). The MV was the best fit and performed the best for my 185lb weight (and tall and 6'4"). I felt the LV was a bit crammed for me, but more importantly, I think I overloaded it - it was less maneuverable than the MV for me as it would not release the ends when edged. The regular weather cocked too much, the MV was just perfect. Also, the MV is low enough in the rear and overall so I did not feel I would gain any particular advantage for going to the LV but would lose some comfort.

get the MV
everyone I know with an LV is 150 lbs or less, and 6-9" shorter than you.