Awhile back I asked for recommendations for new sandals. Decided on the Chaco Z2s which were on clearance at REI. Ordered them standard shipping, which turned out to be “slow boat to China” slow. But they’re here now, and on my feet. And my big toes are turning purple and may soon fall off.

I keep loosening the loop around the toe, but it seems the natural movement of my feet keeps tightening them up. Anyone else have this problem with Chacos?

I’ve got the Z 1’s and the Z 2’s. Once I’ve put them where they needed to be, no problem. I love my Chaco’s.


I have an old pair that seem to be ‘locked in’. No purple toes. My new pair tightens up. I’m thinking about some strategically placed contact cement.

not quite purple
but I’m having some issues adjusting to my new Chaco’s. I’ve got the left one dialed in and am still working on the right. I make a point to wear them several hours a week, but really, just don’t like driving in them. The foot bed and security is awesome. I hiked a very rocky shoreling and waded securely last weekend. Played disc golf in them and they don’t slide a bit. I think they’ll be worth the adjustment period. Heck, I love ridin’ a bike but that took a while to figure out too. The thing that seems to work is for me to adjust them looser than I think I should.


Same problem
I got so frustrated I squirted some super glue down in the hole (after I adjusted the straps where I wanted them). That was almost a year ago and they haven’t budged. I still won’t buy another pair of Chacos though.

Slipping Chaco straps
Chacos do come new with a mild lube or something on the straps to aid in initial adjusting (and maybe to aid assembly) which causes the straps to occasionaly readjust on their own when new. If you just put them through the wash a few times this should wash off and stop the strap slip, as well as keep your manky sandals fresh. I probably pitch mine in the wash at least once a week during the summers to keep 'em fresh as they spend a lot of time in and out of the H2o. My straps haven’t readusted on their own since. Give it a try


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never had any problem with the straps re-adjusting themselves. I suspect that it has to do with the sand....if you are in and out of the water with them on. Sand gets in the sandal where the strap goes thru. Chaco says that to keep the sandals clean of the sand to pull the webbing in and out now and then like flossing the sandal and water flush.
I never do this. my old Z1's are almost worn thru the webbing and the sole is almost worn out and the straps are stuck tight with sand....right where I like them. I have a new pair, haven't been in and out of the water much (only been wearing them 2 days) the new ones are still adjustiable.

I suspect that those of us that use our sandals on sandy beaches , in and out of the water and let the lakes and streams do all the cleanning and otherwise just abuse them, have non slipping straps...and those that don't have slipping straps.(no sand in the slots)

more sandal abuse is probably in order if your straps slip.

Best Wishes

That would explain why my old ones are ‘locked in’ and the new ones slip.

Chacos Cust. Serv. Email
Recently wrote Chacos about two problems. One for my guy and then I was having the same problem you are with the Z2s. So I wrote them and asked. Got a prompt reply which I will insert here. Just a preface: I work outdoors in and out of water, 10-15 hours a day. In and out of water A LOT. Then I take my chacos paddling, hiking, grocery shopping, whatever. My tan lines should be embarrassing but now they’re more a source of pride. DO NOT give up on your Chacos. The toe problem can be fixed. I don’t have a choice…had to have the kind of arch support the chacos provide…so Tevas are out and I have a hate-loathe relationship with Keens. But even so, the chacos are the clear winners. They take a beating! I have a friend who did the whole Appalachian trail in them. Don’t give up!!

Here’s the reply from Chaco’s Cust. Service:


If I have an accurate understanding of your husband’s problem, I think that it could be solved. My understanding is, the sandal works pretty well on his injured foot, but the sandal for his prosthetic foot has too much arch. If you had a dremel tool, you might be able to shave off the arch a little at a time. You should be able to match the countours of the plastic foot. The polyurethane won’t take on water if the surface is compromised. I have had customers that have used a dremel tool with a pear shaped attatchment. They have had very good results.

The problem with the spontaneous strap tightening can be very irritating. We have our strapping material coated so it doesn’t stick to the sole in the manufacturing process. If the factory gets a bit too much lubricant on the straps, they have a tendency to tighten. The straps may be saturated in a non-bleach cleanser and then washed in the washing machine with a load of towels or jeans and then left to air dry. You will want to target the straps that are hidden between the sole and the foot bed.

If this does not solve the problem, please let us know so we may replace the sandals under warranty.

Please let me know if you would like more information.

Sheri Hickman

Customer Service Representative


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Never a problem
with my Z-1s. I’m in them so much that the tan “Zs” last all winter. Its gotta be the new strap lube. Glad to be aware of it when I wear out the latest pair.

Temporary solution
I simply pulled the toe loops all the way in, and am wearing them like Z1s. I would send 'em back, but I’m about to leave for vacation. Don’t think I’ll by another pair.