Chafing and Blisters

The article Coping with Chafing and Blisters, Where’s the Rub’ by Tamia Nelson (here in paddling nets weekly articles) contains great information, especially on how to treat blisters after they have formed.

I’ve posted a page on my website on what I’ve done to try and prevent blisters and chafing on previous WaterTribe Challenges, where one paddles 40+ miles a day, everyday during the races.


It is wonderful that some would climb the great mt that is the Everglades Challenge. I am more of a person after having done the 70 miler and 90 miler. Have a good one and thank you for the good info!

thanks for the info on the gel. I am
going to order some and if it keeps my underarms from getting raw over a four day paddling trip, there just might be a little something in your Christmas stocking this year. The chaffing that occurs under my arms is the only thing that I have never been able to figure out how to prevent. Believe me, it will definitely make you not want to paddle anymore. I hope that your magic gel works.