Chain of Rocks

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Can I query the collective intelligence on Chain of Rocks on the Mississippi near/in St. Louis? I have the Upper Mississippi Navigational Charts, the Garmin topo map set and the Goggle Earth satelite photos as reference. I don't want to take any chances. I don't have any white water experience. If I can't do it safely I will take the barge channel and lock.

Yeah, don’t run the chain of rocks.

I was told . . .
. . . I could pick my way along the west bank and then portage around the last bit below the Arch. Is this possible?

Looks kind of busy in this video

Maybe it is wise to take the canal.

That is the part . . .
. . . I want to portage around.

COR demands respect
but may not even be an issue when the Miss is high it can totally disappear, at level below 11’ on the St Louis gauge it is considered unwise to run it.

It is fairly easy to approach on the East side of the channel and land at the start of the parking lot to scout from there you can paddle back up and run the drop (just east of the east water intake), or portage thru the parking lot 200 yds and launch below.

I was supposed to lead a club trip starting on the MO river, thru the confluence and the Chain before landing at the Arch on 6/6. I’ll be out of town and may cancel if I don’t find a leader. Contact me on email if you are interested in the trip or want more info. If you haven’t paddled with us before participation is at the trip leaders discretion and there’s a $5-10 fee.



Chain of rocks…

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A great place to avoid; particularly if you are in a canoe.
If you high center your canoe on one of those rocks & capsize when the chain is at a certain level; you will most certainly regret your decision to run it, even if it doesn't maim you, kill you, or wreck your canoe. Highly unlikely there will be anybody there willing, or capable of helping you if anything goes wrong.