Challenge Neptune to a Fight, a poem

This is my ode to a worthless winter storm season and lament of paddling alone.
I think I call it ‘Challenge Neptune to a Fight’

Alone on the ocean
is where I’m meant to be
only alone on the ocean
there is no one else to see

So alone i lust
for Neptune’s wrath
waves tips white
choked in his tight grasp

Triple overhead
Is that what I hear?
Neptune’s call
is deafening in my ear.

Safely on shore they say
“fool, have you no fear”?
through the raging wind I cannot hear

No hubris or hype
nor illusions of grandeur
if Neptune takes me down
none shall be sadder

Though not Satan’s apple
I must take a bite
but I will not be cast off
not without a fight

So off the beach I hobble
to toil and sweat
to brace and wobble
yet in the chaos I do not fret
running nose down, paddle up
spray hammering the back of my neck

A pointless pursuit,
in search of Legend
yet known to no one
a lonely endeavor indeed

So if you see me
screaming downwind in orange and white
get off your couch and come with me
Challenge Neptune to a fight

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Yes, but what of Poseidon…What of Poseidon?

Nicely done