Challenge Time!

Hi All

I’m 7’2"…do they make kayaks my size? I’m mostly leg.
I’m open to stitching kayaks together to make a frankenkayak.

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If it was me I’d get a used Tempest 180 or similar high volume kayak and pull the seat completely out and fashion my own seat; maybe nothing more than a cushion to sit on. I bet it would work.

CD Solstice Titan. Biggest boat I’ve ever been in. Uncomfortably dwarfed my 6’5" frame (size 15 foot). Had the foot pegs set only partway. Boat was uncomfortably loose.

How much do you weigh?

OP? I wouldn’t imagine weight is much of an issue because all the classic big boy boats should handle 275 or so.

Inseam and shoe size?

If you like to build stuff you can custom make a skin on frame kayak to fit your needs. There is lots of material on how to do this both books and YouTube videos. there are folks that also make them for sale.

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Skin on Frames are pretty easy to build to fit if you are so inclined.
Fuselage style frames are faster to put together than traditional inuit designs. , this guys fuselage frames are the gold standard

If you can find a Pygmy Coho kit it should work nicely. Cutting down the front bulkhead so that it can mounted closer to the bow would be a cinch.

Hello All

I am 7’2", 225 lbs, and wear a size 16 shoe.

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Leg length, as Marshall said, is the key factor. I have a 34" inseam and that is tight in many cockpits.

There are plenty of tandem kayaks out there, some with cockpits and a center hatch. You should be able to have plenty of room from the rear seat.

Sorry, I missed Marshall’s question in my last reply. I have a 38" or 40" inseam depending on the pants.

I have a ginormous tandem out back, just use the back seat. But listen to Marshall, shoe size is critical. I’m almost don’t fit in my dream boat, he showed me how to cock my feet. I fit more comfortably now, which is cool. But if I went with the high volume boat, for my feet, I’d swim in the rest of the boat.

But get a cheap used big boat and see what you like about kayaking, then find your “real” boat.

And yeah, build a skin boat, make it fit you. My wife, @Lillyflowers made me a sweater a few years ago, it probably the only piece of clothing I own that really fits. Fitting is so cool when it happens, sweaters, boats, same thing.

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I would look for a long, wide, and tall hull. Bigger will be better. Now the real issue will be finding a paddle that is long enough for you.

You could also consider a sit on top kayak. That would have less restrictions on shoe size. Especially if you can find one of the kind that can be set up as either a tandem or a solo, so you’d have either the middle or rear seat to try.

Ok. Good.

Additionally where and what type of paddling are you looking to do?

If flat water/ocean a Stellar S16S or S18Sx comes to mind for the open deck seating.

I’ll check some measurements tomorrow at the Store.

Marshall, the S18S was tight for my 34" inseam. The S14S, probably because the configuration ,gives me more room.
I’m normal size compared to the OP.

Extra tall guy, have you considered a canoe?

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@string I have not, but I wouldn’t rule it out
@Marshall I live literally a block away from the Sacramento River which is pretty calm wide waters
#1890 I can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I think i’d be more comfortable sitting in a kayak rather than on one.
#NotThePainter Shoe size is a US 16. That may make quite a bit of difference. Oh and believe me at this height I know what a big deal finding something that fits me. I cried a little just from a time I had sufficient legroom on a plane.