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First post here…have been lurking for some time…I have an old town guide 147 that I got a little over a year ago…tricked it out with outrigger pontoons and a bench seat for the middle as well as a side motor mount…I originally rigged up a 50 thrust sw minn kotta…used it a couple of times…was pretty good but started reading posts where most preferred gas motors so I ended up returning the electric and buying a 2.5 horse suzuki…which I have been using…Now after using both I think I prefer the electric and am thinking about selling the suzuki on craigslist or ebay and going back to an electric…this time with the digital maximizer option…I thought the gas would be quicker but realized that a canoe is not meant to go fast…if it is going fast it is def not a smooth or dry ride…I like not having to smell gas, or hearing the engine…and most of all I like being able to stop somewhere…and then as soon as Im ready.hit the throttle and take off as opposed to having to start the suzuki which could be tempermental sometimes…yea I know the battery is annoying to deal with but I think it is the lesser of two evils…anyone else go through a similar situation???

and the nme of this site is? (nm)

'round heah…
our motors run on gatorade and sandwiches.

The noise and smell may vary, but it’s usually less offensive than a two stroke. Usually.

Enjoy the outdoors.


Ah, don’t let 'em…
bother you. Purists.

I agree with you, if I am going to run a motor on a canoe, it’ll be an electric. It’s not only quieter for you, but also quieter for other river users. I do a LOT of fishing out of my canoes, and although I don’t use a motor any more because it’s too much trouble to load and unload, I had good luck with electrics when I did use one.

yeah that’s step 1
Oh yeah, that’s what most of us go through. Gas motors give range for weeks out where you can’t get to civilization to recharge the batt, but electric is by far the more pleasant experience.

Also, most of us also eventually take the next step, like Al - it’s a danged hassle fooling with batteries and cables and cords and hauling weight like a pack horse, when all you wanted was a nice afternoon of fishing. So even the electric motor gets left behind more and more, especially when the motive power in your arms begins to grow unaccountably, all on its own, and the more often you go the stronger it gets.

And then the final stage - alzheimers sets in with a vengeance and you forget you ever used motors and so when people post up questions about motors you get all crabby and tell them to ask their jetski buddies if they want to know anything about motors.

Have you considered JATO canisters?


I know nothing about motors, but in my area, a number of waterways ban gas motors, but do allow electric.

Go electric
Ditch the motor and get one of those ‘ab exercisers’ from TV that you just plug in, and the electric current flexes your muscles for you. Wrap it around your gut and butt and you will be a PADDLING MACHINE!

Bring the gas along to throw on bees.

I used to run electric.
Soon, I found that even with the best Marine battery, I was travelling farther than my motor would last. Then you have to paddle back with a 35 pound motor and 60 pound battery and couple pounds motor mount. Then load all the now useless weight back onto the truck. Not to mention when waves kick up, batteries can shift suddenly send all overboard. Also caught the shaft on more than a few branches or rocks which can really make your day exciting.

It is nice for fishing on a small pond and trolling pretty much hands free. If heading out to the big lake or a river, I won’t take it.

Then you say you are adding pontoons to boot!! Extra drag to paddle back when battery dies.

So, two trolling motors hang off the rafters. Two marine batteries that haven’t been charged in years. Got lots of paddles and now Biceps, Triceps, Blutes, Deltoids and starting to get Abs!! Paddling isn’t so bad really. It just was a long transition from motor boats. That reminds me, I must sell those trolling motors.

Same experience
motor hangs in the garage. Marine battery hasn’t been charged for several years. I hear they’re shot if you don’t keep them charged, so I guess I should go turn it in to recycle.

Motor was just more trouble than it was worth. However, I can see where they’d be useful once you were at your fishing gound. If you just let the boat drift it always seems to get in the wrong place and you have to put the pole down and take a few paddle strokes.

I think you came to the wrong place for advice. This board is frequented by people that use paddles, so I think you will mostly get the “party line”: ditch the motors.


outriggers really kill the momentum
The outriggers are the culprits…