Change of user name.

Formerly jerlfletcher.

Aiieee!! Familiar friend changes name.
Good internet handle. I’ll adjust and get used to remembering your new name. I watch for your posts as they are informative. Good fishing.

Thanks, while we are small compared
to the other forums, I like the fact we don’t kill each other over insignificant stuff. Trying to inform and not argue is what’s helpful in a fishing forum, especially for newbies.

Paddlefishing forum
Nice new name. Especially seeing as you have joined the ranks of the enlightened. I have been thinking of changing mine as I too longer use a kayak ( well, very seldom anyway).

This has become one of my favorite paddle fishing forums. There is none of the my way or the highway attitude in here.

Since I got the canoe, 95% of my time
has been spent in it. The kayak has its place, especially on windy days or if I must fish days the jet skis and ski boats are active…weekends. Though I’ve used the canoe on a few days when the rains have been heavy, the kayak would have been the better choice. All in all, the canoe has fit my style of fishing better than I ever thought it would. If I ever get the money, I plan on having a friend build me a canoe/yak to my specifications.

As for the name change, I did it because it was too easy to figure out my real name. Not that matters, but I post a lot on B&B and there are a few nasties that make it in from time to time.