Changes to 2012 Kokatat Drysuits?

-- Last Updated: Jan-15-12 5:57 PM EST --

I got an email today from an outfitter that says the Kokatat drysuits have been significantly redesigned for 2012. I look at the pictures and the description and don't see anything I'd call significant redesign. It appears that they have again improved the fabric, which is good, but that's not redesign.

(Later add - the outfitter is talking about the GoreTex suits - they name them.)

Anyone know what the outfitter is talking about?

Just a guess …
the tropos 3 fabric’s lifetime warranty. That’s significant even if the cut hasn’t changed a bit.

Tomorrow is Monday, you could always call Kokatat and ask them. :o)

from California Kayaker Magazine
From the “Outdoor Retailer Update” on page 27:

“Kokatat ( has

announced some new colors for dry

suits and dry tops to watch for in

2012. Definitely some fashion statements

possible based on the sneak

peak I saw.”

Read it all at:

New colors. They’re doing away with the half yellow/ half cobalt look and going to a one color above the belt. No technical changes.

For 2012 they are doing a limited edition drysuit. Basically a Rogue drytop mated with a MGER. It has a slimmer, more athletic cut top. Again, I wouldn’t say this is a significant change.

Their Tropos and Goretex Liteweight Paddling Suits will come with a lighter duty, TiZip zipper. It will make the zipper lay flatter and lower the cost of the suit slightly. A nice change for the entry level suits.

I’m personally thinking about the Goretex Liteweight Paddling Suit as being a great cold water canoeing drysuit.

That’s the one…
…I bought about a year ago. The suit is very comfortable on those days when the air temp is around 70 and the water temp in the fifties. If I do get too warm, I just flip my kayak over.

I’ve used it with great success in much colder weather by layering up under it.

For kayakers that do much rolling the very comfortable neo neck does let in a very modest amount of water. After maybe 25 rolls (or more) the front of my shirt is very damp but my pants usually remain dry.

Love having dry feet on a chilly day.

Last summer I spent a rainy day on Lake Superior with the temp in the mid-60s. Intentionally got in the water a few times and stayed warm and dry:)

Just ordered
Kokatat’s lightweight Goretex Paddling suit (really a semi-drysuit), which is advertised as being great for performance paddling. I’ll let you know how it works - should arrive Wed.