If you could make a change the production of brand you prefer what would it be.

Mine would be adjustable knee braces on the Qcc.

I prefer a back band on my Prijon Seayak over the foam back rest.

Since you mentioned the QCC
I would replace the seatpad/backrest with an improved seat and adjustable backband. It would also be nice to have a day hatch.

Mine would be to get people to change
sloppy thinking about what belongs on this advice forum and what would be better off on the Discussion forum.

More fiber might help.

have Dagger and Whitesell

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make canoes again. Have Mohawk canoes available to demo.. oops, sorry, not kayaks, not advice.;-(

that kind of comment is off-forum
…and belongs at b&b

(tongue firmly in cheek)

I wish me Sirocco had
more of a keyhole (more thigh support)

wish my Chatham 18 had more “lentil” in its walls (the thing is shaped like a hotdog–a b**ch to turn)

In general

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Oval hatch covers that don't leak and I can still get off without a crowbar after the boat has been sitting in colder water for a couple of hours. Right now the only ones that I know of that are reliably dry are Valley's, but they have the latter issue.

I don’t know…
What if I’m asking for advice on topics for discussion?

in general
I 'd like several seat options to choose from, so that there’d be a chance and I wouldn’t have to carve my own.

I’d like boats to come with a 33” or 34” front bulkhead and no footpegs.

I’d like a small front deck day hatch like in the new P & H Cetus

I’d like no backband: I’ll just be taking it out anyway

In general, I’d like a heavier layup throughout the hull.

I would like an extra heavy layup along hard chines if a boat has them.

Have you tried replacing with the kajaksport hatch cover? Actually, NDK also started making their own 6" round for the day hatch (as well as the 9"). Both of these are made of the more pliable rubber; you probably know the only drawback is they don’t float. Which doesn’t seem to be an issue with me if they are tethered.

I replaced my Valley day hatch and small front hatch with these and they’re a heck of a lot easier to get off. I’m not sure if they make an oval.

I know you have spoken of this off-line with me, but I’m extremely curious about your 18. You say it’s harder to turn than your 17? This really has the designers a bit flabergasted, as they, and a few serious 18 paddlers would say the 18 turns better than the 17! I find the 18 very turny.

Not suggesting you are wrong, but wondering about the seat location, your fit in the boat, etc. It’s composite, so I know the rocker has to be constant. Email me off line. I know Spike will be interested in what you are experiencing. That’s not a typical comment on that boat.

I wonder if the 17 just inspired a bit more confidence in the edging for you? It is a great boat as well, but I find the 18 more playful.

KS Ovals
The KS hatches are a lot easier to get off, something that I quite appreciate. The smaller rounds are bone dry on both the Vela and the Explorer.

However, the large KS oval I have on the rear of the Vela is another matter. There is slight leakage around the edge no matter what I do because water seems to find opportune small spots where the thing isn’t quite as tight as it is in another portion. If I 303 it after virtually every paddle, it goes on more evenly and I can almost completely stop the leak. But I don’t tend to 303 after every paddle and probably won’t start real soon.

The Valley ovals on my husband’s Aquanaut and Nordkapp LV are bone dry. But I have been unable to get them off more than once when he would have like me to get something out of a forward bulkhead on a colder day, and I have at times needed help getting the day hatch cover off in the Vela in winter paddling.

I Suggest…
Kayaks should have seats that are fairly easy to adjust fore and aft.

Also, the deck of a sea kayak should be flat, not glossy. I would prefer less glare and I would prefer that when the paddle scrapes the deck that the paddle get scratched up and not the deck.

NDK are Kajak-Sport
The main hatches on NDK boats are Kajak-Sport and simply made with the NDK logo (just as the hatches on Necky Chathams are Valley but with Necky logo). Until very recently, NDK boats had Valley day hatches, but now have Kajak-Sport.

I was told that Kajak-Sport intended to or has now made hatches that float.

air pressure purge valve on hatches
dry bags have them now and so do pelican and otter boxes.

I live at approx 4000 feet, when i drive back up or go down to Watauga,Boone,Holston, etc. I loose 3000ish feet and the hatches/bulkheads feel this.

So I suggest manufacturers install purge valves in the hatches and/or bulkheads.

Next would be 4th hatches in all kayaks. Let Lincoln Canoe and Kayak’s knee tube serve as the model…you can’t get a cag in it but you can get a camera and flair in. It’s depth really is such that you will never know its there either getting in or getting out.

Next all manufacturers should take a hard look at WS seating and knee/thigh braces.

Next somebody please give me a foil skeg that doesnt feel like you’ve deployed an anchor

If this irritates you
Look at the Hospital thread on this board.

Glad to have you back in this role.
I was getting tired of stepping in for you.

Valley and Prijon- different names for boat colors:

Instead of my lava and mango colors, how about raging igneous orange and flowering mangifera anacardiaceae, respectively.