changing paddlecraft registration laws

I live in North Dakota, and the registration rules require that we post our registration number “in permanent three inch block letters on both sides of the forward portion of the vessel”. I really hate to deface any of my canoes or kayaks in this manner, as it detracts from both their beauty and value. Any ideas on how one goes about changing this? Maybe someone else has done it? I know there are a few states that do not require posting the registration number, some that do not require registration, and some like Minnesota that only require a sticker. Any help here would be appreciated. Thank you all

no idea
I have no idea about changing it… all I know is that here in TN there is no such law. No registration except if you power your canoe/kayak by motor. I can’t imagine a justifiable reason to register canoes/kayaks. Do they make kids register their bicycles there too? What about innertubes? I can move myself down a river in those too.

Talk with your state rep.
That is where I would start.

Make up some numbers but don’t

reg numbers
Hi …suggestion …make some sort of " board" to put numbers on and hang it on the side when in use.

Roll . . .

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. . . and then use a breathing tube to stay inverted until they lose interest and go away.

I always wondered . . . if the authorities spot you in the middle of the lake and you don't have a registration number visible, do they "take you in?"

If you are driving a motor vehicle, they can demand your license and eventually get to you that way if you don't pay your fine. But you don't need to carry a license while paddling right? So there is no way for them to establish a your identity.

Tell'em your name is Derek Hutchinson, that you are a famous kayaker from England, that you are checking out the suitability of North Dakota Lakes for kayaking tourism, and paddle on.

(Sorry for the smart-alec reply, but this kind of stuff brings that out of me. We fought kayak and canoe registration in Maine, and won, at least for the short term.)

maybe your state has recipricol regs.
… with another adjoining state who only requires a sticker … maybe you can register in the recipricol state and just fly a sticker ??

Another opt. might be to file for a waiver and see what happens ??

How about a magnetic reg. number decal (like refridg. mag.) , not like it would get torn off with the high speed thing ??

I live in WI and was looking at a nice creek in IL online the other day thinking we might try it out this summer. Then I came across their regs that say your canoe must be registered in IL unless it is registered in your home state. What’s up with that? We don’t have to register a canoe here in WI. Sounds like a scheme to make money. And their corrupt Governor wants to close down the state parks there. What will the registration fees be used for?


bumper sticker
As a work around to avoid permanently defacing your boats, you may be able to satisfy the state requirement by having your registration number printed on a sticker and applying it to the canoe. I found a place online that will do a print run of bumper stickers (Q=2, size=3x10) for $7.95. Shop around a bit and you might get it cheaper, maybe even free if you can find an introductory offer, since there seem to be alot of places offereing cutom auto bumper stickers.

Only one way…

…a smaller, single sticker that costs more.

This is a money making scam by the state. If they

can make more money, they might go for it.

It’s a Legislative year…
1) Since it is a legislative year in ND, you might be able to get one of the small town (not Grand Forks, Minot, Fargo, Bismarck, Dickinson, Devils Lake or Williston) legislators to propose a change for man powered water craft. 2) You may also try the department of Game and Wildlife who if my memory serves me right are in charge of enforcement. If you chose idea 1 you should probably try to act on it quickly. Both entities may be willing to put something on this books due to the increased popularity of canoes and kayaks in the area.

On a side note, the registration rules make me kind of sad because one of the trips I would like to do is kayak Lake Sakakawea the next time I’m visiting my parents.

Ramblings of a displaced ND’ian…

Good luck!


register it in Minnesota
register it in minnesota via mail. Reltively cheap, for two years at a time and just a sticker. Only if your state doesn’t require one from N.D. and most that do require a sticker do not care where it is from. Some states, like Missouri where I live, do not require one for non-motorized craft under 17 feet. I get one for MN (BWCA use)because they require one and it is cheaper then MO and is just a sticker.

Not exactly correct about Illinois
if you are an Illinois resident and paddling in Illinois waters, you must have the craft registered. If your home state requires registration and you are paddling in Illinois waters, you must be able to show proof of the craft registration. So if you are visiting and your state does not require registration, you are okay.

Move to Connecticut. No Reg…
Plenty of water to play in.

So far
that one kicked up its ugly head a few years ago(kayaks were terrorist post 2001) and is just about guaranteed to arise again.

I assume you quote the law exactly. Then it is not specified whether the letters should be on the inside or the outside.

Reminds me a bit of motorcyclists who would “wear” their helmets strapped to their knees to avoid being sited for not wearing one.


I will check that out
never thought of putting the registration number on the inside…pure genius. That might be legal, or a loophole. Either way I would still like to see it changed