Channel Island 3 day paddle

I took the 3 day Channel Island kayak tour with Santa Barbara Outfitters. I highly recommend this trip. We were treated like royalty on the boat with fantastic food and great kayaking and hiking guides. Explored many caves, snorkeled, hiked, and did some scuba diving.

I’ll go again next year!

Ron Wacik

How Is It Set Up
I have done the 3 day dive trip several times out to the Channel Islands on the Truth and Conception and that is a lot of fun. How do they work the kayak trips?

Happy Paddling,


me curious also
I still need to score a few NP’s in California and Channel Islands is one of them…please tell us more when you have time.


I went last year (september).
We took our own boats with Island Packers transport. We went to Santa Cruz, the main island for tourists. Camped in the camp ground for 5 days.

Santa Cruz has the most sea caves to explore. (If your planning on doing a lot of sea caves, rent a boat on the island. The sharp cave walls will scratch the sides of your boat.)

If you want more solitude and the possibilty of beach camping, go to Santa Rosa island. Though you will need good open coast skills to get to the beaches you can camp on. And you better hurry – there’s a push to make Santa Rosa Island a military resort island. For military personel only! BASTARDS!

You can also paddle to the islands
and camp there. Many of my friends and I have done that. A few of them even do an annual “Catalina for Lunch” paddle.

That one is a bit long for my aching joints so I pass on paddling to and from Catalina in the same day.