Charles River with fellow poster

Have you ever found out that someone you have been paddling with for years is a member of this board, has responded to your posts, and you didn’t know it. Happened to me this weekend.

I did a club trip for RICKA on the Charles River (Needham to Wellesley) on Saturday. It is 11-miles of flatwater, so I decided to bring my kayak. I was talking to a fellow paddler about how helpful folks on this board were on picking out my boat and gear, and she said “I know, I posted some replies”. My first though was “Oh no - I hope I wasn’t a jerk”. :wink:

@RecipeForDisaster and I did a trip on the Charles River from the Charles River Peninsula in Needham to the Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley. The river starts off as marshland, but turns to woodlands as you get upstream. I have to admit, it was 11 easy miles in my Capella. Hoping for a sea kayak trip soon so I can get it out on the ocean.

Few pictures here:


I guess I thought you knew it was me all along. Why else would I approve so much of your Capella and Shuna choice? Or maybe you didn’t notice what I was using back then, when you were only canoe-minded :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get out on the ocean with you. Getting into saltwater more is on my mind literally every day.

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Back then I knew two types of kayaks - long ones and short ones. That is still pretty much the extent of my kayak knowledge. :wink:

We can be the newbie’s on the next sea kayak trip. :+1: