Charleston C&K Festival

Anyone have a comment or review of the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival in late April? Never been to this one but may be in Charleston that weekend . . .

It’s a lot of fun
We camp at the campground next to the festival. About thirty of our club members will go up for the festival. There are all sorts of free classes (included in your fee) and other classes you can pay to join. All kinds of boats to paddle and equipment to look at. Everybody is very nice and helpful. I think it is a must do event. If you go, look us up. We will be around campsite 86. We will have a banner up (Florida Sea Kayaking Association) so you can’t miss us. Hope to see you there. Franklin

Florida Sea Kayaking Association and C&K
Hello all,

I have not been to the festival either, but am just a little a couple of hours away and will definitely attend this year. I’ve had friends that live in that area that have attened and can’t say enough about it. Nigel Foster is one of many that will be speaking. Should be great!

Fl Sea Kayaking Assoc…where are you folks located? I’m going to be in Fl. (Orlando) the end of March and will bring my kayak.

Hi sea.kayaker
WE are located in Northeast Florida. Our web site is

Our club of about one hundred and twenty is very active as you will see from the trip reports and upcoming trips on our site.

We are going to have a cookout one of the nights in Charleston and are planning to invite the other Florida Clubs at the festival to join us. You are welcome also. Franklin

Forth year
This is the forth year that my wife and I will attend this festival. In the past there has been an exceptional opportunity for learning, e.g., Nigel Foster, Derek Hutchinson, Greg Barton, Wayne Horodowitch. We have driven to Charleston in our car with our kayaks on the roof, rented a motor home or a trailer locally, and parked our rental unit in the campground. (Some trailer rental places, for a nominal fee, will take a rental unit to the campground, set up the unit, and take it back when you are finished with it. That’s less expensive than renting a motor home.) Take a look at the festival web site.

Hi Franklin
I’ll keep my eyes open. Do you folks have any paddling plans for Mar 18/29, 25/26?

Go look at our web site, There is something planned for both weekends. Not shown is a proposed camping trip to the Ten Thousand Island Chain. Franklin