Charleston, SC

There seems to be something a little wrong with this picture on the news today from downtown Charleston, but I just can’t quite put my finger on it. :o

Anyway, all joking aside, I hope the Floridians, Georigians and Carolinians on this forum are all safe and survived Irma.


Those are some really strange looking paddles.

@Overstreet said:

That’s what I was thinking too. They’re probably only in a couple of feet of water.

I grew up in North Charleston. Like any kid, I loved to dig holes. The water table is only a couple of feet down.
I remember at least one hurricane when every street in the neighborhood was under several inches of water.Power lines were down , with at least one live. Then there was Hugo.
Welcome to the coast. In addition to storms we have mosquitoes in droves, snakes, frogs everywhere and very high humidity.

And how could I forget - roaches!

I grew up in Florida and I tell you this, South Carolina has roaches three times the size as those in Florida. They should be voted in as the state bird.

You guys make our Canadian winters sound pleasant in comparison. Oh, yes, we have our fair share of mosquitoes, but cockroaches are rare (out of the big cities, anyway). When you do find them under a rock out on the Georgian Bay coast, they’re small and always running away.

Palmetto bugs (big roach) are gross but fire ants escaping the flood waters can be deadly.

I scooped up a fire ant mound with a shovel and threw it in a lake. The little monsters float.