Charlston/Isle of Palms

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Traveling to Isle of Palms/Charlston in mid October and hope to get in some kayaking with some girlfriends who have never gone before but are very capable. Does anyone have any suggestions. There are a couple outfitters there. I'm really looking for some suggestions on places or areas. I live on the west coast and the two coasts are so different. Just looking for any thoughts or info.

The trip from IOP marina to Caper’s

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Island is a good one.About 6 miles one way on the Intercoastal Waterway.
Coastal Expeditions is a good outfitter .

there are a bunch of good paddling get-in/outs along the waterway that acess great spots along this area.

Just before you get to Folly Beach there is a park/ ramp that acesses a good paddle south. simple and close to C-ton.

Coastal Expeditions has a great map of the entire SE coastline with tons of acess points listed

have fun


try Ocean Air Sea Kayak
they offer a lot of trips and are willing to modify the trips to meet customers needs. Plus they restrict their group sizes, Coastal Expeditions will sometimes have 10-15 people on one tour.

and Tom
Nichols is a GREAT coach and all-round good guy!!!


You might get some ideas here

And you will be very close to the
Edisto River . I think Coastal Expeditions now owns the outfitter there.

All the suggestions have been good so far. There is a book available, with a title like: “Kayak Trips Withing 1 Hour of Charleston”, that has all the info you need to self guide, as long as your group has the skills. (I have the book, but not with me now.)

love the area
Battery park is a must, So is patriots point. The inland waterway is great but it does have some big barges and check tides. Very few public parking lots. I paid $5 to park at isle of palms marina. Great food

call lance at ocean air

he can customize a trip for your group.

Isle of Palms
Check with Charleston Parks and Recreation.Vaughn Fulton

charleston area
While I have not been here a long time, i would be happy to paddle with you guys and can help with some local logistics, paddleing and otherwise, schedules permitting…

Why doesn’t Coast Expeditions
have any BCU training?

no BCU Coaches I guess.
to the best of my knowledge they don’t have any BCU coaches on staff. I am not that familiar with their operation, but I know they don’t specialize in instruction.

Ralph’s book of trips w/in an hour of Charleston is great, but you do need to have a knowledge of wind, tide, current, etc., you also have to have your own gear.

Low Country Paddlers are a great group (we belong), but again, you have to have your own gear.

Charleston Parks is a good idea and they do have ACA/BCU certified people on staff. I hear good things about Ocean Air (I think that’s the name, it was mentioned here). Might check into them myself for a class.

Have fun, we just got back from the Charleston area on Sunday evening, did a full moon paddle in the harbor on Wednesday, wonderful!!!

You ever wonder where the asker
disappears to?

Isle of Palms/Charlston
I’m still here. Haven’t traveled yet. Will be there mid month.

Thanks for all the info and I’ll let you all know how it went. Can’t wait.

i wish they did, its the closest for me. I’ve ‘toured’ a couple of times with them and Chris is a top notch naturalist.