Chart Scale

What chart scales are generally the most useful for kayaking? I’m interested in getting charts for Puget Sound, and the San Juan Islands. I’m looking at the 1:80,000 Canadian charts for the San Juans and Port Townsend area (I like the current arrows they put on the CDN charts). Are they detailed enough?

Also some companies make repackaged charts for recreational boaters. Is there any advantage to any of them over the official charts?

Open to suggestions. Thanks.

you might prefer
the laminated chart books or individual charts, as they aren’t easily affected by water. Don’t know what you really need for detail. I sail and my main issue is water depth, as my boat draws 5.5 feet. There are also books that show harbors in greater detail than the open spaces. If I was paddling/touring I’d probably go with the book format, getting more written detail about local areas and blow ups of the local charts, and making sure these blow ups have gps coordinates.

1:40,000 is the scale generally
recommended for kayaking. Anything larger doesn’t have enough of the kind of detail paddlers usually need.

That helps